Was that a self-deprecating joke?

Reggie is making progress!

Or was he talking about burning the evidence? Actual fire; metaphor or actual? Hmmmmm…. I wonder what he’s planning.

Bet he’s talking about the display fire from way back. XD

Pretty sure its this. Which is actually great because it shows he’s at least making a little progress in at least becoming a little self aware. A little.

Or the time he microwaved his uniform and started a fire. IIRC, it was stated, or at least implied, that Reggie manages to accidentally start fires on a fairly regular basis.

Alex says “It’s cute”, and Reggie blushes.

Has we seen him blush? I can’t remember.

Yes. Maddison has made Reggie blush a few times, and I think Alex as well once or twice.

Welp, I had a little time, and wanted to find out, so I did some spelunking in the achives. Jackie deploys the blush often, and for my money, quite skillfully.

A little list with Blusher, Blushee, Link:

John, by Alex. /comics1/1388-thats-that

Brooksie and Jess, by Nina. /comics1/1439-unemployment-benefits

Jess, by Nina. /comics1/1448-elevenses

Brooksie, by Jess. /comics1/1461-everything-you-need

Carol, by Thomas (one of soooo many). /comics1/1538-the-babe-with-the-power

Nina, by Reggie. /comics1/1511-notorious

Maddie, by Reggie. /comics1/1595-sexpet

Carol, by Brooksie. /comics1/1616-only-when-shes-drunk

Jess, by Brooksie, /comics1/1637-cutie-patootie

Reggie, by Maddie, Maddie, by Reggie. /comics1/1640-o-f-f-s

Alex, by John. /comics1/1651-boy-girl-boy

Evrina, by Nina. /comics1/1675-evnira

Brooksie, by Thomas and Carol. /comics1/1680-dtf

Mike, by Rulette. /comics1/1694-fully-packed

Ed, by Nina (one of soooo many). /comics1/1708-you-missed

Nina, by Ed. /comics1/1713-what-a-lovely-day

Reggie, by Vicki. /comics1/1810-mythical-beasts

Reggie, by Maddie. /comics1/1870-inheritance

Reggie, by Alex. /comics1/1875-group-up-with-me, etc.

Rulette, by Ed, then Ed, by Rulette. /comics1/1888-this-guy-knows, etc.

Does Reggie kind of remind you of Templeton from Charlotte’s Web-at least the cartoon-but more likable?

I would attribute that to the way he is drawn, and the personality seems close but not quite full on Templeton

Jackie please, please, respond to me if you see this.

If there is ANYTHING I can do to support this comic let me know
I have some ideas of what to do. if you need them let me know

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