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Back when I was in retail there was a guy who worked in receiving who was near my age. He’d been there since before I got there and worked with the two older ladies who ran the back room. He was taciturn and when he did speak it was only to communicate the absolute bare necessity to get his tasks done. He always got his work done without any complaints and did so for many years. I found out later that he acted that way because he was an alcoholic and came to work hung over every single day. He never complained or anything though. He just did his work and went home.
Well, we had a management change at one point and she wasn’t very good. One of her many areas of failing was scheduling. One day this new manager rescheduled a weekend store meeting the day before she wanted to have it. Generally the back room staff didn’t have to attend meetings, so this guy was caught off guard. It was mandatory for everyone. The meeting itself was so fucking stupid, and generally I was the most disruptive participant in these sorts of things, but on this particular morning it was this guy. He was still drunk from the night before, and not just a bit drunk. Completely drunk and extremely happy to be that way. He was animated, talkative, and involved in the topics. This new manager was extremely offended that he had the gall to come to work drunk, except it was her fault. Everyone knew it was her fault and the staff that had any kind of pull stopped her from firing him. After that though she was on the lookout for any excuse to fire him. It was the only time I ever saw him happy or animated, and after that things went back to normal until she finally found a reason she could fire him. It was still a bullshit reason, but no one could do anything about it apart from undermine her entire tenure from that point on. (Which I did at every turn, along with most everyone else.) On his last day she intended to let him work a full day, so there wouldn’t be any disruption to receiving, then fire him before he left to go home, but his direct supervisor threw a fit and said if she intended to fire him she had to do it as soon as he came in.
He went on about his life and I heard he eventually quit drinking, but I have no idea what happened to him for sure. Losing him caused a real imbalance in the back room, which led to a lot of problems. More even than the ones we were all going out of our way to cause. Things deteriorated greatly under her “leadership” because she had no concept of balance.
She once scheduled me to work an overnight then another full shift the next morning with no sleep. I worked the shift and after I went home she called me to tell me to come back and finish the task I left incomplete before I left. I told her she could fire me right then, or shut the fuck up. Either way, I was getting some sleep. She had run off so many full time workers that she couldn’t do it. I was a manager at the time.
Shortly before she got fired we were really hurting for help and I told her one of the people she had fired was between jobs again and could come back. He was already fully trained as management so it would be extremely helpful. She was too spiteful though and told me “He will never work in this store again!”
The day after she got fired I had the guy come in and the new manager rehired him on the spot. When she came in to get her stuff from the office he was working the register and she had to go through his line. It was so fucking hilarious watching him check her out with the biggest fucking grin on his face. As she was leaving he started singing this song, and I don’t know what the song is, but some of the lyrics are this particular way of saying never ever, but it sounds more like “nevah evah”, which became a joke between us that has gone on till this day.
Anyway, the drunk storyline made me think of that guy. I hope he’s doing well wherever he is.

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