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An Among Us reference for the title? That game was over months ago. It fell off faster than Fall Guys. Look at this boomer trying to appeal to the youths. That’s what’s really sus. You know what isn’t sus however? Supporting your favorite comic creator on Patreon. Or me, if you’d rather support your statistically likely 3rd favorite creator, who probably needs it more.

These Patreon segues amuse me a lot more than they should.

I was thinking about how different the world would be if I ran an ad agency the other day. It probably wouldn’t last very long with ideas like “Campbel’s soupa maka you poopa!” For a brief time it would be glorious though.

Anyway, I finally got new lenses for my glasses. They’re just regular so I can’t see close up with them still. Honestly I’m not sure the optometrist really knew what they were doing. I can see well enough to function at least & I can’t afford another $300 bill to get someone more adept to do it over. Maybe after covid in a year or so I can go someplace where they have a good reputation. Mostly I had to do this right now because my driver’s license expired & I needed a current eye exam so I could get a new one online without having to go to the DMV & deal with that load of horse shit. I got my new card today so for $330 dollars I can legally drive a car. Emotionally is another matter, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, none of that matters because the most important thing is I can keep making this comic for you. Frankly, the way things are right now I wish I still had a slice of life webcomic that I could look forward to reading that wasn’t one I made. All the ones I used to like have taken to telling me how to live & think & I don’t enjoy that. At the very least I prefer my propaganda to be subtle, the way I do it. Sneaky like, over decades, so you don’t realize it’s happening UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What was I saying? Doesn’t matter. I hope you have a nice weekend. I’m going to the store tomorrow, so maybe I can get some Lego minifigure blind bags. That will be fun. There’s a new set out & I’m giving my accidental doubles to my nephew. I like that because it makes me feel like I didn’t waste my money. At least not counting the buying them in the first place… There’s a centaur in this new set, so that’s fun.

This Post Will Confuse People.

The blog under the blog has always accidentally caught people by surprise. It’s original purpose was to present information on the homepage that wasn’t time sensitive. The rise of social media kind of made it superfluous, but now social media is falling away & the secondary blog seems like It might actually become useful again since Twitter isn’t the powerhouse it was half a decade ago. At this moment I’m just making this post so that the big image posts won’t appear on every comic page. It’ll just be easy to load text. Job done. Now I can go about doing some other stuff I need to do.