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Tonight I noticed that the base files for the Jonlyfans and Carolnlyfans filler pages seem to be gone. I’m not sure what happened to them. They may be in another archive but they may just be gone. If so it’s the most base files I’ve ever lost in 16 years. Before this I’ve only ever lost one page. They aren’t technically part of continuity but it’s still sad to lose those base files. I can remake them if I ever need to, but it’s time lost to do so of course. Hopefully I just filed them away someplace and can’t remember the file name.

I can remember to remind you to support my work via patreon or subscribestar by using the links here and there about the page to navigate to them. Even though I don’t ever drive these gas prices are murdering me by way of lost support. All are punished…

This Post Will Confuse People.

The blog under the blog has always accidentally caught people by surprise. It’s original purpose was to present information on the homepage that wasn’t time sensitive. The rise of social media kind of made it superfluous, but now social media is falling away & the secondary blog seems like It might actually become useful again since Twitter isn’t the powerhouse it was half a decade ago. At this moment I’m just making this post so that the big image posts won’t appear on every comic page. It’ll just be easy to load text. Job done. Now I can go about doing some other stuff I need to do.