2676 Fall To Ruin.

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Angry eyes Thomas! He has opinions! He’s saying things! He’s unhappy with the state of the world! Zooooweee mama!

Too hot for TV! These are the kinds of observations that get you thrown out of… places.

I actually thought about this concept several years ago when I was playing with our dogs. I forget which ones it was. Maybe as far back as Kitt & Sadie. If you offer up a stick to a dog their instinct is sometimes to tear it apart. Also people will pick away at things in idle times in a similar way. Almost like it’s programmed into life at some level to destroy things.

That urge isn’t as strong in me as I’ve observed in others. I don’t really like the sounds of breaking things though so maybe my aversion to other things lessens the urge to destroy. A lot of my abessive actions center around making things rather than breaking them so maybe I’m part of that balance life seeks between construction and destruction. I like sculpting and LEGO, and that sort of thing where you have a new thing at the end. Generally with people it seems like that’s the stronger urge, but I’ve certainly known a few people with an apetite for destruction. I dunno. Whatever. Something to ponder later on I guess.

For now, I will remind you that support links are up top there and wish you a nice couple of days between now and when you return for more of whatever I build next. Until then, the battle is up to you.

This Post Will Confuse People.

The blog under the blog has always accidentally caught people by surprise. It’s original purpose was to present information on the homepage that wasn’t time sensitive. The rise of social media kind of made it superfluous, but now social media is falling away & the secondary blog seems like It might actually become useful again since Twitter isn’t the powerhouse it was half a decade ago. At this moment I’m just making this post so that the big image posts won’t appear on every comic page. It’ll just be easy to load text. Job done. Now I can go about doing some other stuff I need to do.