This is the goddamn link to the first volume of the comic as a book. You can’t search for it on Lulu in spite of the fact that I am THE ONLY FUCKING JACKIE WOHLENHAUS ON THE GODDAMN PLANET. Oh sure, you can find Wapsi Square in two fucking seconds, but not Between Failures. Oh no, that would be too easy. No, everything in my life has to be this tedious, clawing, bullshit, scramble AT ALL TIMES.



Is it possible that your book is hidden because it is rated mature or something?

Jolly Jack’s erotic stuff is hidden away from lulu’s search engine perhaps because of it’s nature. Is it possible that your product is facing the same problem?

oh and if you had an e-book or a zip/rar file of your book or related works, I would certainly buy it.

I dunno what the deal is. I’ve been trying to find a way to do an e-book but at the moment my pages don’t match the rules they’ve arbitrarily set up.

The phrasing of the failure message is a bit odd: “Sorry, your search did not match any of the interesting content on Lulu.” I wonder what their criteria are for deciding if something’s “interesting”?

Brute force method for PDF e-booking it would be to import pictures one at a time into a word document (or similar) then print to PDF using one of the free PDF printers out there.

Less brute force would be to use TEX. You could write a program to put all the file/picture references together and then feed it throught TeX. Scribble (a component of the Racket (a programming language) could also be useful. And it’ll producevepubs as well.

… Granted, I typed it in wrong, but the response:

“Suggestion: Make sure all words are spellt correctly”

SPELLT. =_=”

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Sorry, should’ve made myself clearer… On the website where you can buy the book from, not only do they fail in that you can’t search for the book, but also, if you type it in wrong (like I did) and get no results, they return the result that I put above – “spellt” rather than either of the ‘correct’ answers – spelt or spelled. I was just pointing out how they fail in multiple ways

Click on the BOOK link to go to the lulu page and then click on the generated “By Jackie Wohlenhaus” link. The search engine cannot find the page it just came from.

I was about to say the same thing, that is truly legendary levels of fail (on their part).

I was contemplating buying the book, but it all depends on if that would be more supportive than being a Patreon supporter. I like this story more than I’ve liked any in quite a long time.

Yeah, that’s some kind’a fucked up there. I cut and pasted your name from the Lulu listing and still came up empty handed. Same search window, and I was able to get my books and some other weirdos who have my same name and are publishing conspiracy crap.

It must be Aliens…

I hope you don’t mind, Jackie, but I have just edited in edition info for your book on Goodreads. Hopefully it will get you some exposure.

Outta curiosity are you going to try to make more books out of between failures? If so i’d Love to add them to a growing collection!

I’ve always intended to do a “perfect collection” of the first two arcs, but trying to keep making the comic & also format a book has always been a hinderance. There’s never been a big demand for books either as far as I can tell.

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