This page is a work in progress guide to the comic. For use as a refresher course, or a quick way to get up to speed.  Spoilers will likely be found herein.  You are warned.

Between Failures: Title Page

Day 1:

The Introduction Of Thomas Blackwell

(Protagonist, employee, and professional wiseguy)

“I’m Thomas, fucking, Blackwell.”

Edward Lincoln’sFirst Day

(Twice the man, half the size)

“…I think I’ll stick to working hard, and trying my best.”

Fear the scorn of Carol Graves

(Floor manager and Keeper of theTwin Suns)

“You have ten seconds to prove you aren’t a moron. GO!”

Nina Grace: Muggle in Heat

(Head of Books, both literally and figuratively)

“I want him to ride me like his quidditch broom.”

Modern Philosophy, Starring John Kepler

(Local ladies man, with fashionable hair. All female applicants accepted.)

“Whatever happened to, ‘Hello John, how are you doing today’?”

Edward’s Twin Sister: Jessica Harlan Lincoln

(Cheerful beauty by day, devious mastermind in spare time)

“You two are fighting over me? You may begin.”

The Ballad of Miguel Hernandez

(Mild-mannered and mild manager)

“Just call me Mike.”

Potions Master Extraordinaire, Snivellus Snape

(He bears a striking resemblance to a certain fictional character)

“She will be mine…”

Thing 1 and Thing 2

(Still don’t remember why you’re friends in the first place)

“Didja get her number?

Stealth Model Employee NinJolene “Brooksie” Brooks

(The world’s cutest encyclopedia of film)

“I fear you are underestimating the sneakiness, sir.”

The Self-Obsessed Calamitous Pyrotechnic, Reginald Watson Boothe

(Tends to confuse comedy with abuse)

“Maybe the world wasn’t put here for me, but I’m pretty sure it’s been leading up to me.”

Wesley Asel The Suavest Of Weasels

(He is the shadiest of men)

“Cool, lay it on me babe.”

Tails of Alex Melvil

(Fun Fact: Her hairstyle has a -2 perception modifier)

“I’m having an IRL situation that has to be handled!”

Dawna.k.a. Constance Willowbrook

(First Time Author, and Thomas’ former girlfriend)

“Areare! Ohisashiburi desu ne!”

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