This page is a work in progress guide to the comic. For use as a refresher course, or a quick way to get up to speed.  Spoilers will likely be found herein.  You are warned.

Thomas Blackwell:

Thomas, the first character we meet, starts the comic seeming depressed and dissatisfied. He’s a man with a range of interests (he has tried his hand at writing and art and can create metaphors around comic book references), not much formal education (dropped out of college), and the defeatist outlook that clerking at Megatainment is the best he’s going to get.

While Thomas is an old hand at slacking off, this doesn’t mean he shirks his duties. On the contrary, Thomas is very good at what he does, and can get it done quickly and well enough to spend the rest of his time goofing. He feels that he has a handle on how the retail world works, and he knows how to work it. He comes across as a little cynical next to Ed’s initial earnestness.

                               In the beginning of the comic, Thomas has a habit of kicking open the store doors, referring to it as psychological warfare. He often reacts strongly or disproportionately to things, but balances it with a strong charisma and otherwise blasé attitude. Many of his friendships with men are full of casual abuses.

(Friendship with Ed)

               Thomas is friends with Edward Lincoln and got him a job at Megatainment. His first day advice to Ed includes having a DS.  The two of them share interests in video games, DC comics, and sideburns; but their previous friendship seems to have been casual.

(Relationship with Carol)

             Thomas initially has a biting workplace relationship with Carol; her first words in the comic to him are “Hello, Slacker” and she subsequently refers to him as a cretin. Despite this, Thomas initially got Carol her job because he recognized her leadership qualities and her devotion to the job (Thomas passes this off as being only part of the reason, the other being his attraction to her).

Edward Lincoln:

               Edward starts out as the new kid on the block, a fresh hire at Megatainment. Ed really needs the new job, and is willing to overlook a lot of strangeness for the paycheck. Despite his friend Thomas’s first day advice (bring a DS and develop a slack/work balance), Ed prefers to work hard and do his best. With his work ethic, flexibility, and competence, he quickly proves himself and is given increased responsibilities (such as opening the store). He strives in part because he’s worried about being accepted.

Ed is quite short and prickly because of it. He fought his way through high school and he wears elevated shoes to make him a little taller. He’s used to people picking on him and so he doesn’t always know how to take a joke. Ed reacts strongly and takes it personally when people mess with him. Due to his round glasses and large scarf, Carol and Nina immediately dub him “Harry Potter.”

(Friendship with Thomas)

               Ed got the job at Megatainment on Thomas’s recommendation. The two of them seem to be casual friends, and how they met is unclear. They share a knowledge of DC comic books.

(Relationship with Jessica)

               Jessica is Ed’s taller and more outgoing twin sister. The two of them care deeply about the other, but Jessica is constantly pushing Ed around.

Carol Graves

               Carol works at Megatainment.  She works hard and is given the subsequent responsibilities. She has a strong personality that she doesn’t mind turning on people. She sets an abrasive standard upon meeting people and measures how they react. She doesn’t try to use people’s names, at first (referring to Thomas as “Slacker” and “cretin” and to Ed as “Harry Potter”).  She has treated people this way since Thomas got her the job. When questioned about why he would recommend someone like that for a position above him, Thomas cited Carol’s leadership abilities and devotion to the job. Despite the severity of her hazing, Carol’s actions are almost never personal.

               Carol is a buxom, full-bodied redhead with strong self-confidence. She knows and owns her affect on people, and has said that shyness (such as Jolene’s) is like catnip to her.

(Relationship with Thomas)

             Carol initially has a biting workplace relationship with Thomas; her first words in the comic to him are “Hello, Slacker” and she subsequently refers to him as a cretin. She started the 10-Second-Clock to mess with him, though he refused to fold under the pressure.

Nina Grace

               Nina works with books at Megatainment. She has a natural charisma and sunny, freewheeling personality. She has a deep attachment to Harry Potter, and so immediately flirts with Ed. Because of her openness, she seems able to call everyone else on their quirks and pretentions. She chides Carol on not being nice, and pulls Thomas out of his self-absorption.

(Friendship with Thomas)

               Nina and Thomas have been friends for many years. They never progressed to a romantic relationship, but their friendship is strong and they are very comfortable with each other.

John Kepler

               John works video games at Megatainment. He and Thomas share a casual friendship full of abuse. They discuss and see movies with each other, in part to abuse the actors and directors. They share a love of Star Trek, and John has promised Thomas a quick and painless death if he (John) ever snaps.

Jessica Lincon

               Jessica is Ed’s taller and more outgoing twin sister. She, too, wears round glasses and a large scarf. She and Ed care deeply about one another, but she has a habit of pushing him around. Her tastes in music run strongly to pop (enjoying Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson).


Dropped out of college(Sec Ed: Math and History). Love books and hang out at B&N a lot. Retired as a school custodian. Always said it was my job to teach teachers and if I hadn’t taught them something new each month I was slipping. Wasn’t above “adjusting” my environment. Wonder which charactor I recognize. Do enjoy the toon. JDG

In this part of the world it is almost 366 days until Christmas.After 30C today, it was Christmas at home, Sydney. I'm exhausted, the heat is so debilitating.I love your ornament tree, Christmas decorations & that beautiful red Cardinal.I hope you are enjoying the day, as I toddle off for shut eye.Kay.

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