argh a striped scarf a harry potter doth not make , side note i see more of a lupin 3

in these early strips the vibe i get from ed is “a normal Dominic Deegan in a modern setting with his flippant dial up to 11”

Omg I’ve been reading both this comic for forever, and finished DD a long long time ago. Yet I’d never considered that, and it’s perfect. XD

Just started rereading, definately didn’t notice the sign the first time through. The shop I work at has three, count them THREE, signs saying customers on cell phones will not be helped. Somehow it rarely stops them from looking at me like I’m the idiot.

The sign that says “If you can’t read this clerk is obligated to hate you”. I just noticed it on my second read.

There’s two kinds of people in this world.

1. Idiots.
2. People who think they’re an idiot.

The two sets are not mutually exclusive. For example, I know I’m certainly in the first set, which puts me in the second set also.

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