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If you wanted to be technical you could probably say that Nina & Ed have had dates before. It might be more accurate to think that Nina makes a distinction about what a date is that some people might not. Going for a run might well be considered a date, or spending the night in your more or less official boyfriend’s apartment. In her mind she means a sit down meal date. Fancy times. Or at least special in a way that is different than a casual time together.

I know a lot of people think differently about stuff like this. I am of the mind that both parties need to express, out loud, to each other, what a circumstance is in order to make it official. A spoken contract essentially. You can kiss someone many times, but if you don’t actually say “You are my exclusive mate.” that leaves room for shenanigins. Basically I value explicit communication of a state of being. Like, you can go on a date, but not be dating. In my opinion it’s important for both parties to know where things stand and that generally requires verbal communication. Some people might think “we had sex therefore we are dating” but that’s not the case for everyone. So you need to spell it out for the ones who need it.

Anyway, I would like to explicitly state that I need support for me work & would appreciate it if you did so via the links above. If the support can’t take the form of monetary support, or lavish gifts, I will also accept lots of public praise and attention that will draw in more support. Just to be clear about everything. XD


I hope that the next strip makes clear in which sort of safety Nina is concerned about for this date. She doesn’t seem to regard Ed as dangerous as such.

Well, they still are coworkers. Just because the staff are getting relaxed about the romantic branches of their social network is no reason to get careless.

Between Failures is a constant joy and well worth the read. In an era where webcartoonists are flaking out and getting “real jobs,” or just abandoning work after extended hiatuses, Between Failures stands as a shining example of regular updates and quality material.

…I hope that’s sufficiently public praise.

I’ve come the realization that if I were to find a woman of Nina’s size compared to me, I’d need to find a woman that is at least 6’5 and that is a lot of woman.

Re: your comment about being clear with each other…

There are far too many people
(& I’m explicitly omitting gender, since this applies to both)
…who get so very uncomfortable with the prospect of saying things out loud that they leave essential details unspoken, & hope that the actions of the other person will clearly convey the rest of the unspoken contract.
Relationships which are built on a foundation of “telepathy” are simply not stable enough for the long term.
Any argument which starts with “…you should’ve known…”, or even “…I thought that you…”, is a HUGE red flag.
I’m not saying that it’s a deal-breaker, but it’s a clear sign that communication needs to be worked out better.

Romances need to start by communicating and getting to know each other. I’m not saying that there can’t be an initial attraction, but you need to hold passion back until you do know each other. Starting a relationship otherwise risks disaster.

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