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It’s always a problem trying to find something to paint on a prop, like a DVD. I could just leave it blank but I dunno. I feel like I need to put something there. So I’ve been dipping into my archive of random images. The one for tonight was a commission for a friend from many years ago. He was living in Japan and doing some cultural festival stuff. My guess is he won’t mind if I use it. It probably didn’t set the world on fire, so no one is likely to notice one way or the other. I only really bring it up because the previous one was a meme I made and this one isn’t, but I suspect people will think it is and wonder what the hell it’s supposed to be. I can’t remember what exactly it is but it’s sort of a Japanese lion dog which I think is called a Shisa. It’s something like that because it’s part of the file name. This was at least ten years ago though so if you go researching it may be off a bit.

Commissions are how I used to supplement my income but now I use Patreon and other services, which i mention at the end of all the blogs now the way youtubers do. Because not saying anything wasn’t working at all. And now I’ve done the thing, so we can go about doing the other things for another day.