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Okay, since I had a typo on the previous page I’m gonna take time to remind everyone of my protocols regarding telling me you’ve spotted an error. It’s been a while since I’ve gone over this so people seem to have forgotten. A lot of people seem to think it will make me angry. It won’t. What makes me angry is when someone, instead of just pointing out a mistake, gets cute about it. Don’t play word games, don’t try to show me how smart you are, just tell me what the mistake is. Panel one, bubble two, (add appropriate error). On March 20th of this year I will have been doing this for 15 YEARS. The song and dance about typos, or misspellings, or whatever is so fucking old to me all I want is just to be told straight out, what the issue is, so I can fix it. For me, when someone gets cute about a mistake it’s the equivalent of someone saying “Well it must be free!” when something won’t ring up at a checkout. It was arguably funny ONE TIME. Every time after that gets progressively more exasperating.

Most of the time I don’t mention anything because when the first person points out a mistake the next one checks the comments to see if someone else has already corrected me. I don’t know what it was about dissuade, but I got more messages than any other mistake I’ve ever made. For a couple of people it seemed like it was more of an excuse to message me. Like, if you want to talk to me you can message me at any time. I will respond to you on whatever platform you want to talk to me on. There’s no need to wait for an excuse. Although I really hate facebook’s user interface. I will respond if I notice it but it’s such a mess it can be months before I notice a ping in the giant pile of pings Facebook is perpetually sending me for no good reason. The site’s email address sometimes flags random messages as spam, so I may not see it until I check the folder. The fastest way to get a response from me is Twitter, but with all the bullshit going on with them I totally understand if you don’t want to use their service. I’m on Instagram, but I’m not super familiar with it, so I don’t always notice the notifications, but I eventually think of it ad check. betweenfailures is the username. I don’t know how you search it there, but if you use instagram you probably do.

At some point I’ll log into my minds account again, but the last time I used it the site was just super shitty & pointless because no one who reads my stuff was on there. Now that there’s been an exodus from twitter it will actually be worth the effort of recovering my login data. I created the account originally because I thought that twitter had too much power in the social media sphere, but it was really convenient not having to use other platforms… I guess that’s coming to an end now that people are finally getting wary of the tech monopolies that are dominating everything. Which I would like to point out I was warning everyone about YEARS ago, but no one paid attention to my ramblings. So I think I should be allowed to indulge in a light “I told you so” as a treat.

This post is kind of superfluous, because the people who read the blog posts probably already know my stance on corrections, & the ones who don’t won’t see it anyway… I dunno. I’m just stressed about everything in general, so I took the time to make a cranky post regardless of if it actually has any measurable effect.