2576 Oldest And Fatherless.

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I didn’t really intend for the cast to all have such complex relationships with their parents, but I guess it just happened as a natural outcome from aping reality. Out of the entire cast Carol probably has the most ideal relationship with her parents. There’s also a lot of dead dads per capita. Parents are dropping like it’s a Disney production up in this… I didn’t really think about it much until this page. Reggie has already had an entire arc just about his relationship with his dad, wherein that dad is clearly having regrets about his relationship with his dad. A lot of people had things to say about that, so I guess that’s just part of being human.

Anyway, if you’d like to support my ongoing tales of various states of dadness you can do so with the links above. I will meet you back here on Wednesday and we’ll see what kind of dad talk we can get up to.