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Gonna try and finally get me some decent glasses tomorrow. It seems pretty clear that you can’t expect good results from an eye doctor who works out of a Walmart. So It’s off to someone with their own building this time. My eyesight is getting bad enough that if I don’t get something that works I’m going to be genuinely blind before long. Right now the range where I can see clearly is about a foot from my face and that’s it. I can’t see any closer and I can’t see any farther. Hopefully this new person I’m going to can actually help. Seeing is pretty key to my ability to work.

Anyway, that’s what my short term plan is. If you want to help pay for my new glasses feel free to support my work via the links above. Although it seems like everyone is having a hard enough time dealing with their own stuff with the economy being what it is. It’s always something, isn’t it? I’ll catch you guys on Friday, hopefully with clear vision.