2392 Takin’ It Off.

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I assume that women exist who just go for what they want. I’ve never met one, but statistically they must exist. Or maybe I have and I wasn’t what they wanted so I never saw that side of them. regardless, I’m sure someone in the comments will say that’s how their wife was, or some such thing and I’ll have one example to prove that my writing is at least plausible statistically.

Actually I tell a lie, I remember one girl who was hot for a dude I sort of knew and she asked me what his deal was and I told her then I told him she was into him and then they were together for, like 5 years before they nosedived that shit into the ground. So there we go. I remembered an example.

If you want to see more examples of me justifying my work to myself, and possibly others, you can support it via Patreon, or Subscribestar, or whatever. Maybe I’ll start an Onlyfans, or a Ko-fi. Who knows what I’ll do to keep this ship afloat. Dark things probably…