2141 Murderhouse.

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This page is kind of a nod to a joke I had with my younger cousin who used to live with us. There’s a creepy house between our house and the store that I called murderhouse as a joke, because it looked like a murder should’ve taken place in it. Just a dumb joke but whenever she visits and we drive by we still say “murderhouse!”

One evening we were driving by after sundown. It was fully dark out. As we got to the tree line the old man who lived there happened to step out & spooked us good. He wasn’t trying to, he was just watering the trees, but it was an entertaining moment.

Anyway, I just wanted to establish exactly what kind of conditions Reggie & Victoria come from. It’s been mentioned but never seen. It’s a literal mansion. Not the largest there is but by old midwestern standards a rich people house.