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Yesterday I got my second covid shot. On the way home mom decided to get some ice cream as Dairy Queen. As we were pulling around to the window the truck suddenly locked up. Completely. The steering wheel was stuck in place, it couldn’t be put in neutral, and the electronics partially quit. No power windows, AC, or dash board, but the dome lights still worked. What followed was a very stressful experience in a town that Kansas has declared a covid hot spot where they require you to quarantine yourself if they find out you interacted with anyone there. Everyone was stumped by whatever the issue was. hey all were convinced they knew but none of the fixes worked. We still don’t know what’s wrong with it. Anyway, it got transported to a mechanic. When we got home finally I went to sleep without doing any work & slept for 8 hours like I was dead. I was fine when I woke up & started working on this page, but then the symptoms hit me. Freezing cold, weakness, headache, which transitioned to a fever eventually, then finally after laying down most of the day, I was able to start working again. Probably not my best work because I don’t feel like I’m thinking clearly, but still, I got something up. I’m going to lay back down now & hopefully I’ll be okay by tomorrow.