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Designing these alternate outfits, or really any alternate outfits, isn’t exactly my area of expertise. I try to keep things simple to draw and get what inspiration I can from looking up fashion. Does it work? Sometimes. I feel like this isn’t too bad. Classy and hot is what I was going for. It’s possible that it’s only hot to me, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’ll be the one drawing it for God only knows how long and I’d like to enjoy doing it.

The implication here is that Ramon has been planning this since they started, possibly before, when Evrina wasn’t sampling the offerings all the time. My guess is that the bodice/corset (I’m not sure which it is.) is less comfortable than she’s letting on as well. In a lot of ways this is a terrible work uniform since it’s white mostly. Much harder to keep clean than if it was reversed. My thinking is that Ramon chose it according to his tastes and he likes Evrina in white, which she is not as likely to choose herself. In any event if I decide this is all objectionable later I can change it before I do another page.

Anyway, if you wish to support my efforts the links above are there for you to do so. I hope your weekend is pleasant and you can meet me back here on Monday to see where this event takes us.