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The hospital never called to schedule the scan, so I guess maybe next week. My nephew is visiting tomorrow, so I’m not gonna have it while he’s visiting one of the two times a year he does. My cyst is smaller now and not angry red, so I guess it’s fine. If the medical professionals aren’t concerned why should I be, I suppose. I still think I’m gonna have a huge scar right in the middle of me chest now, which will drive me insane, as I’ve stated before. It is what it is though.

My still built lego sets are out for my nephew to play with tomorrow. Today if you’re reading on Friday. I’ve never put them back in proper order after the last few times he has visited, so they are just kind of a partially set up mess. He doesn’t care since he’s a kid, but I put them together to give myself a false sense of control over something in my life, so he’s actively changing the “perfect” world I set up for myself. It doesn’t really bother me to a degree that I would want to stop him from having fun. I just think it’s funny what is important to him versus what is important to me. I got out some sets that are new to him that were stuck in places I couldn’t get to before. I think he now has access to all the Minecraft sets I had out on display at various points. Some of my parts bins are accessable now too so he could, in theory, build new areas if he wanted to. I suspect he will just play with the minifigs, but he’s got options to be creative in a constructive way if it appeals to him. I want to see if I have the lava colored baseplates I think I bought, but it’s been long enough I don’t actually remember if I bought that color or not.

Anyway, I need to get this posted. You can support my efforts via the links above, as always. I hope you have a nice weekend and remain safe in this dangerous world.