2573 Many Kinds Of White People.

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It’s quite common these days to sort of lump people all into one color category rather than look at the many types of humans who have, historically, not liked each other very much. Reductive thinking is just something humans are prone to unfortunately. At the moment there’s a sort of over arching desire for ease of grievance. Getting into the weeds of nationality, culture, genetics, and whatever else really slows down the path to getting whatever you want out of whatever group you want to get it out of. As I have been looking back over my own genetic inheritance this sort of thing has become more apparent to me. The one thing that holds true across all humans is that if you set two opposing groups in an area there will always be a few who are like “What if, instead of killing them, we had sex with them?” I think these horny people are the ones who do the most to advance humanity in general. The desire to build bridges between each other with our genitals will save humanity in the end.

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