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If you want to get technical, there is an argument about when photography actually started. It’s waged between camps of pedants and, frankly, not all that important. A case could be made that Alex is wrong in her description of the albums being from the start of photography as the layman understands the term. In case any pedants are out there who are passionate about the argument, I don’t care to have it with you. She’s simply speaking casually. At least by her standards.

Photography caught on in America in the years around the American Civil War. The pictures of the battlefields and what have you, swayed public opinion on certain issues. Although it could be said that the photographers weren’t exactly ethical in certain key ways… The media has been upholding that tradition since long before photography, but I digress.

Spirit photography, such as it is, also caught on as the grief of those who lost family made them easy marks to other unethical photographers. Another tradition that people have generally kept up over time. To cut a long ramble short, it’s an interesting subject that came to the fore in an interesting time. Worth looking into if you have the luxury of time and the inclination to learn.

I have long since read up on those times, as I’m sure many of you long time readers have guessed, since I reference the period here and there throughout the comic.

But that’s as may be. I’m sure you have better things to do than read what I’m spilling out here. As always, the links above can be used to support the comic. I implore you to consider doing so in these dire economic times, if you are not suffering as much as others. That said, I hope to see you back here on Wednesday for more low stakes adventures. Have a pleasant time till next we meet.