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This is probably a stupid story point to do, because I have to draw a lot of things I’ve never had to before, but I’m doing it anyway. It’s going to join a bunch of other plot stuff together in the future that I will, god willing, live to draw for you to see. Since this is going up a little late I’ll just say if you’d like to support my work please do so via the links above.

Also, someone commented about QC the other day and I finally sat down and replied in case you were hoping I would. So go back a few pages if you want to read my thoughts on that in the comments.


I read you comment on QC. While it has its quirks I do like your comic and QC for different reasons. Actually you guys are one of three that I check constantly. There are things I like about each comic (and things I dislike). Ultimately it feels.. like home? I’ve been reading your comic since it was in black and white and his since… well it wasn’t well done back then and the art was horrid.

I used to read penny arcade and ctrl-alt delete back then too. I since stoped reading them for different reasons. Some good comics fizzle out and some stay strong. Some comics endure even when I think “this is dumb”. Comics have come a long way. Regardless I just wanted to say I enjoy both your work and his.

I like both too. I wish people didn’t feel the need to dump on QC in the same breath as lifting up this comic. Jackie’s thoughts seem fairly neutral, but the subreddit mentioned in the upper comment has not been a fun experience for people who still enjoy QC. There was actually schism a few years back where people made a second subreddit, partly for those who didn’t want to join the dogpile of complaints but also partly because some members started being openly queerphobic towards certain characters (in fairness, the members of the first sub say that’s since been dealt with, but I don’t know for certain how true that is).

The writing hasn’t always been high-quality, but I think the changes made are fun. Not every piece of media has to perpetually suit the tastes of people who got in on the ground floor. I don’t begrudge people for not enjoying QC these days, but I think the people who outright hate it forget how many fans would be put out if the comic went running back to its early stages. It’d be such a loss, honestly, especially for Jeph himself, who seems much happier these days compared to where he was after his hand injury.

At least the OP from a few days ago knew they could bow out gracefully though. That’s more than I can say for other people from that subreddit.

I followed QC for many years but, while I didn’t realize it at the time, for me it basically ended when Dora dumped Marten and he chose to live his life as a gay man. It’s a downer but it kind of works.

Haven’t looked in for a long while but now I’d almost like to see some guy who was written out in the earlier parts come back for a visit, look around and ask “what the hell happened to y’all?”

Side note: didn’t Jeph stab his own hand? Or do I misremember?

I have to agree with s.mute this is one of like 4 or 5 comics I read EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. QC falls into the same category, and I agree, for different reasons. these are both comfortable and comforting to me, but in different ways. Metaphorically, this is a comfy old sweater, perfectly broken in, and QC is a comfy pair of slippers. Both are nice and I would miss either one of them, but they are nice in different ways.

I don’t actually know what QC is, or who, maybe. But I do know that I am glad for your comic. The only other comic I read recently took three consecutive hiatuses of at least five months, after each of which they would post one sob story and one issue. Then one of the other fans found them doing a bunch of work on another site while making over 1500 a month on Patreon with the comic, and finally they just randomly posted an update saying they had to quit the comic because someone was harassing the wife for something unrelated entirely. It was a big fustercluck that just left everyone that liked their work sour and frustrated, so I’m glad I had yours to continue enjoying or I may have given up on web comics entirely.

At least no one can say this one was Reggie’s fault?.. been a while since he caught anything on fire.

Aww… i feel sorry for Maddi. It turns out to be one of those bad days, where even the things you enjoy make it worse. Probably not… hopefully

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