Not a good day to be Maddison. I have days like this too. I can’t get just one bad thing happening to me. It has to be a flood.

Hah. My “skill” with a soldering iron (back when that was how you repaired radios &c) accustomed me to the icky, sorta-sweet smell of burnt electronics components.

I feel you, Reggie.

Maye it’s because I’ve set fire to my share of glue-together plastic models, the smell of burnt plastic is quite distinctive.

I vaguely recall the storyline where Reggie was involved in the burning, but only vaguely. Does anyone happen to know the date for that?

Episode 330 we are reminded that he once set fire to a display.

And there is a story arc around 590 where he sets fire to the break room microwave Old Nukey.

So, yes Reggie has been involved in some burning.

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