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I’m sure I’ll think of something I want to say as soon as I press publish on this post, but at the moment I’m just thinking about the next steps in my cleaning process for my living area. I bought a bunch of containers and I’m finally sorting the things I’ve spent years waiting to sort. So I guess I’ll avoid burdening you with my random thoughts for now and remind you that you can support my work via the links above.

I hope you have a nice weekend and I will see you on Monday.


Not to point it out but the Terminator bear skeleton from 2507 does have an exposed red wire at the back of the neck

Victoria is in fact my favorite character. Perhaps you could say she is my spirit animal.

I really like Victoria and I also like her little crush on John (who, thanks to the incident with Reggie, has finally taken a nice slice of humble pie). I’m practically dying as I wait for them to interact again.

See, you gotta figure out the trade off. Reggie wouldn’t be the best option for that work, but he’d probably do it for free to ‘prove’ he could. Whereas their dad would probably charge.

Not sure that was a short. One of the wires looked like it’d been cut, couple pages back. Unless I am reading too much into the art.

I blame Wes. Because I don’t like Wes. Therefore Wes is at fault. QED and all that crud. :P

Ah yes, cleaning day. The time leading up to it is spent in dread, but the final result brings a much needed serenity. Definitely the most deceptively worth it day in any household.

I thought this place was a one-off, converted from some other chain? Maybe I’m confusing it with a Chuck E. Cheese ersatz from some other story.

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