422 Anticlimax.

There is an alternate version of this page that ends with Reggie getting the last word, but I changed it, then changed it again, until it got to this form.  Just center Reggie’s last panel at the bottom of the page and you’d have the original version.  I’m still not sure what the best version is, but this is the one I went with.


To be completely honest I’d have liked the page if you left the anti-climax joke as just the title, and let the reader imply the rest, leaving Reggie’s last word as the initial punchline.

I prefer this version, but technically Reggie did get the last audible word in, since Nina’s words are in her thought bubble.

I suspect that somewhere along the line Reggie will get more of what he deserves, like an even harder slap to the face, but for now it is a good thing Nina just let things drop. I think if she had said it out loud she would have been stuck dealing with Reggie and I doubt she wants that.

You gotta admit thats a pretty confident attitude though. “the world has been leading up to me” thats some Donald Trump thinking right there. Wish I could have that sort of confidence daily.

I find it weird that I have something in common with reggie….at least im friendlier…also much better looking and don’t bleed like a stuck pig.

I agree with Waldo on the leaving the title as an implied joke, but otherwise it’s still pretty funny, heh.

Why is Nina so invested in this guy? It almost sounds like they were cousins or childhood friends or something.

I could be crazy, though.

There was a guy like that working at the department store I used to work for. He insulted my coworker-best friend’s mother when she was buying clothes. We found him outside the store after hours and beat 7 kinds of shit out of him. He wasn’t nearly so cocky with a nose that pointed sideways after that. Hehe. The boss noticed of course, but because we were all clocked out when it happened it wasn’t his business. Boss didn’t like the little bastard much either. Took a week for my knuckles to heal. Good times…good times.

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