421 Cunning.

Since this is going up on Wednesday I should be back from the city, have very clean teeth, and have seen at least a few of my friends. 

Let me tell you about this dream I had the other night.  Similar, in some ways, to the one where I punched Rupert Grint in the face at an airport.  I was on what I guess was a movie set, with Josh from Paranormal State & Kris Straub who writes & draws Starslip (formerly Starslip Crisis), F Chords, Chainsawsuit, and probably can fly

I kind of felt like I came into the dream already in progress.  Apparently our job was to cause mayhem on this movie set, and film it, while making funny comments.  Josh was the straight man.  He would throw out these great feed lines that we could work from, but every time I would go to say anything Straub would get there before me, and say what I was about to say.  Except he did it with better timing than i would have, while being younger, better looking, and more talented than me.  (I think I know now how the Halfpixel guys must feel every second he’s around.  On some level knowing, instinctively, that Straub is the best member on average.)  It was doubly aggravating because I couldn’t even be properly pissed off at him.  He was so humble, self effacing, and supportive, that I felt like a jerk for wanting to kick him in his Crisis Cores

Believe it or not, this is what constitutes a nightmare for me.  Zombies, monsters, and horrors unnamed, have little, to no, effect on me.  No, none of those things make me feel true fear like being bested at every turn.  Truly Kris Straub is the face of my nightmares.

This man fills me with terror.


think how that would look if they were to leave the bathroom. although theirs probably no chance in hell but hey, you never know. hell, it would be amusing if someone walked in :p

If he was smart he actually PLANNED to make Ed beat him up so that he could get Ed’s hours. If he’s not entirely dumb he initially planned to try and bully Ed but then realized this wouldn’t work and tried to get Ed to punch him to… etc.
Remember, hours whore. Goal-directed behaviour like that isn’t that hard to scheme when you’re a sociopathic twit.

Had an attempted nightmare similar to that myself, came upon some fool in shades chasingdown a female and stopped em. I say attempted due to having the distinct advantage of lucid dreaming. One FFT-style Holy and all better^^ Also handy for exorcisms incidentially.

“How can (he) possibly believe that?” Well, Ed (who’s a better person, evidently, in the main) DID walk up to him and belabour the “you’re a retard” point. I mean, come on, is there any way he ACTUALLY thought Reggie was retarded? No; Ed was doing the- what he considers natural, by this point, given his co-workers- “snarky introduction” thing, surely. By now he’s probably come to the conclusion that that’s how the pecking order gets established. In this scenario, it just so happened to backfire given Reggie’s fairly petty and egotistical nature. If Reggie had actually succeeded in explaining the situation he MIGHT have received a tiny fragment of sympathy from Nina (notwithstanding that Reggie escalated matters and wouldn’t let it go- although, again, in the “snarky, sassy” way most of the others speak, so…), but he seems to have decided to just fawn over her instead.

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