420 Perk.

The other day I was trying to express my happiness at being solicited by the figure company to my dad.  He kind of put everything in perspective, offhandedly, in a way that unintentionally made me feel less special.  I’ll paraphrase:

Companies that make random crap are hurting for ways to stay in the black, all over the world, so they’re casting a wider net.  Hoping to get business through venues they normally wouldn’t contact. 

On some level I knew that already.  On my best day I don’t have the readership required to get a figure made and sold.  Still, even if I’m third string,  (Or fourth string.  I don’t know how many strings there are.) it’s cool to be on the list at all. 

I’d like to think that some guy at the Chinese factory was asked to find some new customers, saw my comic, and was like “Well, it looks better than some of this shit.” 

Anyway, it would still be cool to have a figure set someday…


You know what? you should pitch this comic to some tv networks and try to make it a show, and I don’t think I’m being unrealistic here, I really think you should give it a shot REALLY I’m very serious.

Yeah he is right though

It would be cool someday though to have a figure set, yeah. But you do have to stay reasonable.

Just watch, it may be hard to see now but someday there’s gonna be Between Failures figures and coffee mugs and stationary and t-shirts and breakfast cereals sold all over the place.

The way his eyes are positioned in the last frame make it look like he’s in the middle of daydreaming about the various times she’s gotten angry. So funny. :)

“Hmmm… Nina being angry…”
*mental drool*

Well if the comic thing doesn’t end up working out to quote the Judge from Caddy Shack, “The world needs ditch diggers too.” :)

Your Wildly Successful Sister

Wow, I ALMOST thought Reggie was gonna think with his brain for a second. But then again, it IS Reggie X3. If you made a set of figures, I would BUY THEM ALL.

Have I told you how awesome you are lately, JT? I haven’t? Well let me correct that mistake.

Careful of people seeking you out with publishing deals and figurine deals… educate yourself about “vanity publishing” scams before you even think of saying yes to anything.

J.T. – Sound advice to be sure.

Yeah when in trouble, dig deeper. the hole may get wider but you avoid the firey dragon of womanhood thats up top. Plus some women do get incredibly hot when mad.

From this angle, with the hair and the stub hanging from his nose, Reggie looks a bit like Hitler.

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