337 Baby Ducks.

I don’t pretend to understand why Mike suggesting an excuse involving baby ducks is so funny to me.  Maybe it’s because I can hear the delivery in my head.  Maybe there’s just something inherently funny about baby ducks.  Who can say?  I just hope that there are other people that think this is funny too.  In fact, I hope baby ducks get blamed for a lot of things from now on. 


Ducks in general are amusing. They make me smile and giggle when I watch them waddle and waggle their lil’ tails X3. Plus, I think it’s just so randomly silly to mention an excuse with ducks in it:P

Lordy… is Mike attempting to be funny here, especially when Carol already seemed annoyed to begin with? He’s got more balls than I thought. I am liking seeing his pitiful bee-hind in color though.

I’m enjoying the backgrounds as well. Stuff like the bulletin boards and posters and such make the comic pop out more. Baby ducks please me as well. I’m just amused all around by this.

Those darn baby ducks >_<

In my old neighborhood, we had a road sign that said “Duck Crossing.” It was accompanied by a picture of a large duck, followed by several smaller ones.

I saw that sign in a neighborhood nearby, and it annoyed me no end, because there were a couple of ducklings that were FLYING on the sign. The designer had obviously never seen a duckling, or a baby bird of any kind, or he would have known that baby birds CAN’T FLY!
Ok, sorry, rant over…

you know, I’ve actually been able to use a baby ducks exscuse. My parents house had a big pond in the back yard that wild ducks lived and nested in. one year they somehow got inside my car while the windows were down, so I was late getting to school.

It’s the fact that he can’t even get it together enough to form the sentence “there were beby ducks crossing the road and I had to stop for them” that makes it funny.

Baby ducks are to blame for both the biblical flood of noah and world war one and the kaisers rise to powers. A duck was really who shot that bullet that fateful day. Jfk too. So there you go, enjoy that fact of the illuminati/majestic 13/templar-masonic yellow fowl conspiracy. FIGHT THE CUDDLY POWER!

It’s worth a chuckle.

It’s funnier that Carol acknowledges the idea that an excuse for being late is a myth.

aw, poor failman has suffered again. iz ok failman, baby ducks are evil. they control minds ya know.
……evil little fuzzballz…..zomg, duck in room…..kill……..
(a few punching sounds) DUCKS TRYIN TO KILL MEH!!!!!! T-T

just found your site today, hmmm about an hour and a half ago seeing its now 3:18 in the morning, read it all in one and and i must say im really diggin it. interesting characters, intelligent humour and dialogue and you tend to only make spelling mistakes outside of the comic itself :)
im looking forward to following it along with other rare worthy comics ive uncovered in the past.

Uhm, I’m not sure if it was intentional, but you wrote ‘something’ as ‘somthing’ for Mike in the 3rd panel.
You wrote it as “somethin’ ” the panel before, indicating an accent… nobody has commented on it yet, so I might be just talking about nothing here.

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