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I freely admit that this joke may only make me laugh. I’m not sure it will even read as a joke to most people. I’m going to restrain myself from explaining it, just to see what happens. It may be less subtle than I think it is. More than once I’ve proven my inability to read my audience.

What I’m good at reading, however, are the emails I get when people sign up for my patreon. I enjoy reading them very much. I hope you will sign up so I can read new ones. XD

Edit: Noticed that I had erased part of Nina’s hair and not fixed it after, so I also changed the final line to what it is from the same with “so to speak” at the end. It seems like the joke was perfectly clear to most everyone so I changed it to my original text.


May have been more subtle without the “so to speak”, maybe. I dunno, I’m not a writer.

Also, nice shirt Nina. Is that to corporate standards? Not that I’d complain, she’s basically my webcomic waifu at this point (don’t @ me).

Maybe it’s just me (and it often is), but does Nina appear more “Elfin” these days? Maybe it’s the hair, or the ears, or the eyes, but she has a “sprite” quality about her. I like the crop top shirt, though.

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