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I finally tried out my resin printer. The results were mixed, but I’ve learned a few things so my success rate is getting to about 75%. I’ve just been using other people’s designs, but I hope to learn how to make my own at some point. Resin printing is much nicer looking than extrusion printing in my opinion. As long as you have the settings set well you don’t get that noticeable layering. It looks very smooth like something you’d injection mold. Of course there is the problem of painting things afterword, but that’s not a huge issue, plus you can just print things in a color that doesn’t need paint, like black. I started with gray, but if I had been thinking I should have chosen white. I have several Transformers that had white accessories that you can get designs for. It would’ve saved me the trouble of painting them if the better part was already white. Anyway, it’s a new thing that I hope to use to do something interesting. If I manage that or not is another matter.


Rulette is much more used to throwing the word “bitches” in as a greeting than Alex. Nice word balloon work in panel one–just the right hesitation, nice expression for Alex in panel two.

It’s the journey that matters, guys, not the destination. Because, as noted, most places are friggin’ boring.

Such a 90’s style greeting. Or somewhere around that time. It makes me think of Jay and Silent Bob.

Jackie, I can see where the resin printer is probably the better choice for you given the desire for fine detail. An initial success rate of 75% is probably pretty good. Some of the advertising would have you thinking that you can print the Eiffel Tower right out of the box but there is a learning curve. Designing your own stuff also has a steep initial learning curve but once you get the basics down then it levels out. In playing with one of the cheap laser cutters I’ve found that once you learn to do the simple stuff you can learn new elements as needed. Before long you will be making custom Lego blocks.

Not quite — a Jay and Silent Bob greeting would be more like, “Snootchie bootchies!” Or alternatively, “Snootch to the bootch!”

Why did Carol put the rag back around her neck? The other two didn’t, and even before the three of them left to stash the booze, it must have been obvious that there isn’t enough dust here for the rags to be necessary.

They aren’t standing in the bunker. That’s just the old hotel part of the building. They haven’t prepared to go down there before the third panel.

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