2144 Unless You Want Me To.

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Gotta say I am loving the fact we get to see Alex’s eyes, so expressive. You do a really good job on your designs.

In the first bubble it should be accommodations and arrange.
On another note, it really is to wonder if she has a grievance against Nina.

Reverence and respect for libraries? Now I want Alex and Carol to meet Claire from Questionable Content.

The logistics of that happening would have to be contrived based on just where each is located. Do librarians have conventions or conferences?
I mean before everything went digital and this pandemic hit.

They do have conventions. They also tend to cluster in libraries. The gang at Unshelved and Library Comics could no doubt also weigh in, as would Vanessa MacIntire from S*P. But I don’t think even the internet could handle all that awesome compressed into one spot. And it gave us rambo kitten riding a unicorn shooting rainbows from its butt.

Really? In my part of the country libraries seem more popular than ever….well not right now but you know

Gotta say, Alex plus hairband rivals Carol for my favorite girl in this comic. Not a fan of her usual hairdo because I like to see a person’s eyes, but with her hair back she is kind of a stunner.

Unfortunately I get what Alex means. Not many people respect the beautiful thing that is the public library. When I was growing up the library was my home away from home. In many ways it was my preferred home, as my home life was less than happy. The library gave me a way to get away from the troubles and horrors of life and make myself better than what I was.

These days I still love it so much that I find myself making excuses to go back there. Seeing the lack of respect people have for them these days almost brings me to tears.

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