517 Fumble.

The other night I dreamt that the modern world had fallen apart and in the span of a few months we’d reverted to an agrarian society.  If any of you are old enough to remember the cartoon The Visionaries the plot was basically like that minus the wizards.  I had a group of people that I had gathered together into a community and we’d made friends with our neighbors and so forth. (When I say ‘I’ I mean the character whose perspective I was watching things from.  It wasn’t me as such.)  There was even a prince from a far away place that came through and stayed around to observe how we’d built everything back up.  After a while a guy showed up who was wanderin around conquering villages and basically being a dick.  We didn’t fight wars, per se. Instead there was a ritualized team sport sort of thing where a certain group of people represented the community as a whole in armed combat.  I rarely remember dialogue clearly, but I was startled awake and some of it came with.  The bad guy was explaining what he was going to do to the people once he took over, detailing his general dickyness.  My response was t tell him that I would kill him and stick his head on the highest point of ground so he could watch everything he’d built fall apart.  It was a pretty entertaining and intense experience.


@ J.H. – It’s an optical illusion from having split the page into threes. In order to get everything in I have to pan back a little more than I usually do.

Your dreams are crazy bruh. I had a weird dream last night too, I was on a date with a real life (or what seemed to be) version of the popular girl from the cartoon ‘Danny Phantom’ , but then fuckin’ Dracula shows up and makes off with her! I don’t understand it either :/ dreams are weird huh

Also, when did Joline’s eyes turn purple?

HAHAHA! I actualy know a guy who is that bad with humor….

me i’m bad in a diferent way….

and in other news it’s not fair how come everyone else gets to have dreams all the time? sure the 1-2 times i do dream each year it’s in full color and what have you but still it’s always a depressing dream… sigh….

@ Phantasim Fan: I think they’ve always been purple we just have not noticed because she’s shy and we never see her face much.

That is such a cool dream. I’m envious of people who have full-plotline dreams; mine are always typical disjointed dream-fantasy stuff. You know… “I was at my old school, only it wasn’t my old school exactly… and then I was in Italy, or maybe it was Spain, and I was in a go-kart with a cat, but then the cat turned out to be just a statue and not a real cat…” Not exactly a riveting narrative. More like Beatles lyrics. :-)
I seriously think you should sell the film rights to your dream’s plot.

Unfortunately, “My boss has decided to unfairly penalize me just because the power trip gives him an ego boost”… isn’t remotely uncommon or unlikely enough a situation to trigger the absurdity response.

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