516 I’m Gonna Sing The Doom Song Now.

Have any of you heard of Blackle?  It’s basically Google, but instead of a bright white presentation it’s black and greys.  The idea is that it saves energy, though the science is questionable.  That’s as may be.  I just like it because I hate reading black text on a white screen.  Light text on a dark background is my preference for pretty much all computer reading since I can see it better.  Which is why my page is mostly black.  At any rate, if you feel the same way, and like Google style searching, you should try it out.


Interesting concept. Never heard of it though.

Men really should accept the fact that their girlfriends can make them do anything. It’s fun. ^_^

Wrong. I could give you a list of girls who got kicked to the curb because they thought it would be funny to try to cut off my ponytail, for starters.

The one that got away thought she might try her luck with my hair once. She learnt the hard way that I really did take Wing Chun classes.

Always intrigued by the extent to which this paradigm is pushed in the media… you see so many young women swanking about like they’re impervious to consequences because of the attitude they pick up from it. It works here, given Thomas and Carol’s personalities and the fact that the depiction is both nuanced and amusing, but the ham-handed handling of same in countless other T.V. shows, movies, etc etc can’t be good for man/ woman interaction in general. It’s similar to the “male head of the family is a lazy imbecile, whilst his wife shakes her head at him and keeps everything running”- funny on occasion, but not sufficiently reflective of reality in general to warrant the extent to which it’s pushed.

Hmm. On an LCD monitor, displaying black or white requires the same amount of energy; all black does is cover up the backlight. Even on a monitor with dynamic contrast, the backlight’s still using some power.

Anyways, comic is fun, though I hope Thomas doesn’t fall completely under Carol’s thumb.

Thomas, you’re a pussywhipped freak of nature, you’re no longer a man and you’re out of the man club. you’re out!

Kudos to who can name that quote.

Pfft. Wait to see if they get hitched. Then the mallet of DOOM will own poor Thomas forever. You know he likes it.

Well doomed in a pleasnt sense, but not completely without tactics, all he has to do is get some ice cream and a poem

Xu Meng While listening to the words of Liu Yiyi some unhappy. But think of the four hundred thousand take their hard-Friends of Stony Point without boondoggle feel pleased, and he is not making money bank today. The money hatred is turned brain add up year after year, is not easy, all sweat ah, even to the beloved woman also will be distressed.

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