515 Adorable.

The Transformer on my calender for October is Bonecrusher G1.  I don’t know who made the character choices for this calender, but he should be hit many times about the head and neck with a tack-hammer.  Who, in their right mind, would think Bonecrusher is a character I want to spend a month looking at?  He needs his team to be cool.  The Constructicons are cool, a Constructicon is a loser.  He can’t merge to form Devastator.  He can just get his ass handed to him.  Probably by Huffer.

I don’t know how many of you shop at Wal-Mart, so bear with me if you don’t.  Has anyone else notices the change in the Great Value packaging?  It used to look as nice as it could, while still being cheap, but after the economic downturn they went to a style that seems to intentionally look cheap.  My theory is that they did the redesign to sell more of their house brand product by looking even cheaper than they are.  Of course they made the packaging look cheaper while raising the cost of the items, and giving you less actual product.  At least where the stuff I like is concerned.  It seems like a real dick move.  Of course I could just be paranoid and none of those things have anything to do with one another… 

The little comment thing in the updated wordpess/comicpress deal shows that you can reply directly to comments, which I want, but it doesn’t work.  It just reloads the page.  I’m really just happy that the last update didn’t break my site, but it still makes me sad that I can’t reply directly to people yet.


oh its not paranoia its easy to believe wal-mart would make a real dick move seeing as they are real dicks. take it from me an ex-employee(hey that rythms)

Wow, Carol’s well on her way to their first big fight.

On the other hand, Thomas does kind of stress over drama.

On the other other hand, drama has a bad way of becoming unemployment in retail.

hooray i finnally forced myself to make a deviantart account to try my own hand at art Ü, boo im too tired to do anything about it Ö (just look me up with hyphens)

Did you try clearing out the folder marked “ComicPress” before you installed the latest? Keep in mind any customizations you did to the site won’t carry over to 2.8, which is about fifty million times cooler and has graphical navigation. But if there’s old files in the ComicPress theme folder, it gimps on you. Just so ya know… and then you need a plugin called “Companion” that overrides the style sheets and doesn’t get lost with ComicPress upgrades. :)

actualy its very common for stores and resteraunts to decrease what you get when they change the packaging while increasing the price… in fact if you measured the actual drink in most drink cases you will find it doesnt actualy add up to what it says on the package but slightly less… and often they will make the container more ‘fancy’ that way you wont notice it’s actualy slightly smaller :P

Sad thing is…you’re right about the packaging, things getting smaller, etc. If not for the usage of coupons, I couldn’t afford to eat on minimum wage unless I ate a lot at the pizza place I work at. For that matter, my parents wouldn’t be able to afford to eat either and my dad makes about $16 an hour. I believe my mom once said she saves anywhere from $200-$300 a month with coupons. It’s starting to get where you need to be rich just to eat.

Wow, don’t expect this to end very well. Nobody likes to hear that their work doesn’t matter, especially in that fashion.

On the Wal-Mart packaging…as soon as I saw it on the shelves, all I could think of was the generic label beer I saw as a kid that was just a white can that said “Beer”. Talk about cheap looking.

I’m just loving the juxtaposition of Carol’s eyes. One eye visible only through her hair is red, while the unobstructed one is green. So long as she doesn’t say desu, I am very intrigued right now.

Yeah, I wondered why they made all that GV stuff look so ugly now, and I think that’s a pretty good theory as to why. If people are looking to save a few bucks w/o doing much effort, they might just look for the crappiest packaging…I guess? Honestly, even if they still cost less than their brand name equivalents, I’m actually more reluctant to pick them up, ‘cuz I think the quality will be as cheap as the look. Maybe I’m too bougie, lol. Seems the same, though.

From “Made in America” by Sam Walton:
“One of the real reasons I’m writing this book is so my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will read it years from now and know this: If you start any of that foolishness, I’ll come back and haunt you. So don’t even think about it.”
Start hauntin’ Sam…

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