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I don’t know how it’s happening, but I keep getting more and more very tiny cuts on the end of my pointer finger on my right hand.  None of the others are getting cut, and they aren’t deep enough to hurt, but it’s weird.  I’m coming into contact with something that’s doing me harm in very tiny increments.  Perhaps I’m being targeted by the world’s smallest, and least skilled, assassin.  Random injuries that have no obvious cause always bother me a little.  It’s like, what was I doing that caused this huge bruise?  I’d think I’d remember something that made a huge mark…  My jaw feels bruised, but there’s no outward sign of damage.  I haven’t been slapped lately, although I probably deserved it at least a few times in recent history.

I’ve got an image stuck in my mind from a dream I didn’t manage to remember.  It keeps flashing into my mind.  It’s the corner of a hallway, with red wallpaper, and ornate paintings.  There’s a little table with curios on it that I have to avoid as I round the corner, but that’s all I can recall.  For whatever reason my brain won’t let it go.


Perhaps it is more than a mere dream. I’ve found the images from dreams forgotten that haunt my mind after the dream has passed tend to be warnings, flashbacks, and in some cases, clues to things that are affecting or I feel soon will affect me. Your mind is likely trying to tell you something your conscious can’t quite recognize yet. Give it time. Whatever it is will come to light soon enough.

Two thoughts from someone who’s had similar medical trouble. You probably grind your teeth at night, especially if you’re under a lot of stress. Go see your dentist and they may be able to help you out.
Also, as for your cuts, I assume they’re related to drawing, When I was an editorial cartoonist, I found that several of my fingers on my dominant hand (especially my index finger) had these tiny cuts on them. When I stopped cartooning however, the cuts eventually healed. My hypothesis is that either the ink in my pens (I was old-school), the length of time I drew, or the way I hold my pen caused my fingertips to dry out and crack. A little neosporin or a moisturizer in the evenings will help out quite a bit.
And let me just say, I’m loving this story arc.

I’m kinda clumsy myself, so I tend to run into things a lot. Add to that the fact that I’m tall and long-limbed, and I pretty much hurt myself all the time. The ironic thing about it is, because I do it all the time, I’m used to it, but when I notice a big bruise the next day, or random cuts, I wonder where the heck they came from (and my husband does, too, lol). I usu. just chalk it up to me being clumsy and go from there. It was even worse when I was still growing; I’m glad I finally stopped.

Here’s a quick funny story for you. When I was about 12 or so (in middle school), I’d just had a growth spurt and was running down the stairs…and promptly smacked my forehead into the ceiling (of the first floor; it formed a high wall over the stairs, if that makes sense). My head was spinning, and since that day, I always either duck or lean my head back when descending.

To do:
Get lessons about getting a poker face
Never let Carol guess
Apolegize to Nina before Carol starts spreading the news

I used to get random cuts I couldn’t explain, then I realized they all happened after I took baths in this old porcelain bathtub at my dad’s house. There were a few chips, and basically the chipped areas had invisible razor sharp spots that would make a very shallow cut so cleanly that you couldn’t feel it at the time.
Another one is if there is a crack in your tablet or phone glass, 99.9% of the time it does nothing, but 1/1000 times you swipe you go across the crack just the right way and get a nasty little cut.
Is there any glass you are interacting with that might be broken or cracked at all?

I have gotten small thin almost paper cut like cuts but they don’t hurt. Just little pieces of skin. I get them from a shower or face razor. Especially if you try to clean them off with your finger like me lmao

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