513 Between You & Me

My allergies are absolutely killing me.  For the last few days it’s been like someone has had their hands on my throat, trying halfheartedly to smother me.  Like they haven’t committed to killing me just yet.  The stuff I take for it only kind of helps.  I’m wondering if a humidifier would help, or make things worse.  You can never tell till after you do it though.  Plus it’s crazy loud.  Maybe I can build a tiny fire in my room and boil water into the air.  Looking around I realize that almost all of my stuff is flammable.  Perhaps fire is not the route to go.  I’ve found that many of life’s problems can be solved with fire, but maybe this one not so much…


aww dont give up on fire yet, i would lend a flame but we both know im just a figment of your imagination.

in a sideways thought i confess that i only have one allergy(i break out in puss bubbles) but sadly my only clue as to what im alergic too is that it is something i have handled in both a wal-mart photo lab (last job) and a theme park.

I probably have allergies, I just don’t know what though. My nose acts up something fierce this time of othe year and I start coughing.

And you have to hand it to carol. She knows what she wants.

“Build a man a fire, he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.” – T. Pratchett

Claritin Allergy & Sinus. It’s expensive but it’s doing the trick for me. :) Cheers!

i will vouch for a good quality humidifier they do wonders when ur nose is stuffed… that and try taking some breath mints and then drink some cold water… fwew that clears me up fast as heck…

Claritin never did it for me, i have severe allergies with similar symptoms. I take something called Aerius, which used to be a prescription medication but now it is available over the counter. One a day and im good, even in the most inhospitable of places for me.


Say I’ve been wondering, you get paid when we click these ads right? If we click them often do you get paid for each click?

@H2O – I get paid even if you don’t click the ads, but if no one ever looks at them then less people will want to buy adspace. The ads are bought by the advertisers on a time basis not a click one.

@everyone else – Thanks for the input, advice, or whatever.

When I’m stuffed up due to sickness or allergies, I eat excessively spicy foods until my eyes water and my mouth burns. That clears my sinuses right up every time, and it tastes oh so good. What’s more, it’s solving yet another life problem with fire! …sort of.

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