They’re turnin’ the freakin’ frogs gay!

And they’re makin’ my hound dog eat ice cream cones, + watch Wheel of Fortune!

Eating ice cream cones is an innate part of dog behavior. It’s right up there with them hanging their heads out of the windows of moving vehicles.

As for Wheel of Fortune, that comes on about the same time as evening nap time in the living room. In my house, that’s followed by doggie wrestling at 8:00.

How much longer before the smoke starts coming out of his ears?

I’m thinking it’s more of a steam under the collar sort of thing. The heat distribution of the human machine is weird and complex.

I’ve posted, at least twice, links to characters blushing in this comic.

I don’t remember Thomas blushing this much before, even for Carol.

Hah Ha ha ha!

Thomas is feeling mucho flustered, + is blushing like a red, fire engine!

Today is so cool!

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