When life hands you lemons you make lemonade and when life hands her an opportunity, you damn well know Nina is going to take it.

Nah, when life hands me lemons, I make macaroni and cheese, because I don’t like lemonade, or lemons, but I love macaroni and cheese, and I’ve got a cupboard full of the stuff, so life doesn’t have to hand me any, I already got some.

I much prefer Cave Johnson’s stance on this, but I have no engineers to make me a combustible lemon.

The Old Guru Said, “…Movement belongs to those that move.“ Nina’s got movement and momentum. She’ll drag Thomas kinking and screaming toward success. Because success is what you had Between Failures.

“… kiNking and screaming …”?
That would definitely earn this comic it’s ‘R’ rating.

… or was that a Freudian slip on your part Geneseepaws?

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