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It’s always sad to remember your little sister is growing up. Don’t know how it works with twins, guess it’s the same thing.

My little sister never needed protection. Everyone needed protection from her.

Mine sometimes needed someone to stand up for her. Like this douchebag of a manager at her old work. Guy yelled at her in front of the whole store for his own fuck up so I put in an anonymous complaint. Then his boss came into work and yelled at him in front of everyone until he wet himself. ‘Twas funny.

Wet himself? Honestly? I mean, I know we’re on the intrawebs where anonimity reigns supreme, but you should try to make your embellishments less obvious.


That’s the only word I can find to describe this. Reminds me of days of past with my own sister – before either of us were married and had kidlings of our own.

I’m left with one thought. What comes next in the series? Fourthasm? Fourthlagon? I need to solve this problem.

Next is Fourther, the True King of Fourthain.

Ahh, do i detect the presence of a fourthiologist?

The next in the line is fourible.

Apologies for the double comment. I wrote the comment, clicked submit, and got an error. So i rewrote it and tried again, and it worked that time – little did I know that it actually worked teh first time too.

Interesting error this time too. Normally it’s a HTTP500 response. This time it was a HTTP405 – Method not allowed – response. This points heavily at it being a web server issue, not DB.

Out of interest, who’s your provider?

How odd. In this pairing of the twins, side-by-side, it’s easy to compare their similarities and differences. Their hair and eyes are similarly colored; their noses, in particular, complement each other. Ed’s chin is squarer, while Jess’ chin is pointed, almost sharp. The most interesting contrast is their ears (all the women in Between Failures have fascinating ears). Ed has rather prosaic ears, Jess has this sort of ‘triple return’ thing going on.


I certainly don’t regret reading the comic. I’ve spent a few good hours combined over about 2 days reading through the archive. I love the art style of it, especially the transition to color. And the humor is just fantastic. I love all the cynical, sarcastic comments from all the characters, as well as the many references and obscure mentions. It’s all so great. Plus, everything developed really well. Great comic, man. Got yourself another fan, here.

It’s so heartwarming the way Jess comforts Ed by pointing out that she still needs Ed to be there, even if only as moral support. It always shocks me how most siblings in popular media seem to hate each other. This is far more realistic. They both bicker, but both know it’s all in good fun.

Everyone has different experiences. Maybe most writers are only children or have terrible home lives. X3 My sister and I get along just fine now that we’re older. When we were kids…

I remember reading this comic when I happened upon it on Drunk Duck and fell in love from day one. Mostly from the art, the humor as well as the definite realistic look at most retail set ups. The highs and lows and little inner working dramas….

Plus the fact Carol is like a cartoon version of me makes me giddy.

Well if you combined Carol’s look with Brooksie’s …well.. Brooksieness!

Carol is the character people most often tell me they know someone who looks like. Then Nina, then Jo. No one ever mentions the dudes. Sometimes they send pictures, but so far no one has nailed anyone perfectly.

If you ever sent an image I probably still have it someplace.


Go ahead and hate me. I don’t care.

Makes me kinda sad that the one time my sister was really counting on me for moral support, I ended up fucking it up by staying silent because I thought she’d get mad at me for butting in like she always would have in the past.

They seem to have some kind of Liquid Snake complex going on here. “Brother” and “Sister,” but I can’t recall them calling each other by name once in this story arc. What does that say about them, I wonder?

One interpretation is that living together has caused several events like the one that started the arc. Neither of them are exactly ugly, and it’s possible they have a faint attraction to each other that they use the sibling label as a weapon against because they are repulsed by their attractions and don’t even realize they have them.

Another way this could be taken is that, perhaps, they both simply have that Middle-Earth nerdism and using the sibling title to refer to siblings might make them feel cooler or something.

I’m not a psychologist, but that’s what I see; take it or leave it.

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