671 Throwing Fire.

Okay, so with help from friendly viewers I’ve optimized the site. Hopefully this will solve the connection errors until such time that I have to find a host better suited to my needs. Many thanks to those of you who offered up advice. I was able to muddle through with your aid. XD

Other than that nothing much has been going on. Next week I have to go to the dentist, and that’s about it.


Fraternal (in response to a Twitter comment). Identical twins are the same (aside from some genetic variance, fingerprints, and some other less than easily visible differences), all others are Fraternal. Possibly some other word that refers to variance in height as well, but the catch-all category er… catches… all? All-ish? Something of that variety :p.

Just now noticing, but the neighbor (James, I guess), sorta looks like Parson from Erfworld ( http://www.erfworld.com/book-1-archive/?px=%2F016.jpg ). I mean, I thought he looked sorta familiar for a while, but I couldn’t immediately place it.

Great Job with Jame’s glance followed by not quite meeting the eyes. Jessica’s a little unreadable, though (or at least for me).

Also, give Ed a Tom Baker style hat. He’s already half-way to silly-eighties-nerdy-BBC-Goodness, so why not push him over the edge? *nudge* *Bump* *Further implied attempts at indirect and not all that clever nor effective influence*

I just saw a comic called Penny & Aggie that has a character that looks like an old version of Ed. You get that same feeling you get when you see a person who looks just like a person you know in real life. XD

Oh, man! Haven’t read Penny & Aggie in a while. Not since Gisele started doing Menage a 3, anyway. And Eerie Cuties. Damn, girl done a LOT!

Speaking of people that look just like someone in real life, I swear to god your taller but otherwise identical twin lives in my town.

This leads me to question how well they ACTUALLY know James. I wouldn’t invite the guy living across the hall to go to lunch with me unless I knew him well enough to call him my friend (which is more than a casual aquantance, for you friend-hoarders out there with a billion of ’em). And it would be REALLY awkward if my friend, that I knew pretty well, took a semi-naked picture of my sister. And probably save it to his hard drive, and probably put it on the Internet. ESPECIALLY given that it’s my TWIN sister, who at least kind of looks like me.

Yeah. That’d be awkward.

I wish I knew the word to describe the look on Jessica’s face right now.

I think it’s along the lines of “say ONE word about that picture and I shall visit death and destruction upon you”.

Or something to that effect.

This was asked before, to no avail. Is Jess wearing a shirt that tapers at the bottom, or a body suit, or a one-piece bathing suit, or what?

Dude totally should not have taken that photo. If he had seen Jess in her skivvies in the hall, and had (stunned) looked for a bit until she was allowed to dart back inside, then they can blush, everyone laughs it off, and then James buys lunch for all three of them. Problem solved, no damage done. Taking the picture, though, even with a camera phone, just elevates it beyond “harmlessly embarrassing” to “awkward and creepy.”

Well – bear in mind that Jess DID suggest he take a picture… He was just being compliant :-P

It would be hard to resist after she practically dared him.

I understand your taking the story in the direction you choose; you are the composer of the masterpiece and I hang on every installment. But I posit that MOST people, upon hearing the phrase “take a picture, it’ll last longer” will be snapped out of their stunned reverie (no matter how perky and full our current protagonist’s bosoms may be) and react appropriately. I realize that you’ve written James as the kind of guy who would take that moment at face value and iPhone the shit out of it, I’m just saying that it’s not the way to go in this case. Of course, taking things along the sensible route would lead to a rather uninteresting story, so I stand behind James’ poor choices, if only to see Ed and Jess bust out Antipode on his ass. :D

In all fairness – James might have been so stunned that his brain was not working correctly – and he mindlessly followed her instructions. His expression does look like he might have blown a fuse…

yes master – take a picture master – huh heh, huh heh….

(But HeavyP is right – he shouldn’t have snapped the picture. A true gentleman would have simply blushed (on her behalf), said “sorry”, and shut the door. If he stops and stares until she darts back inside, then he can blush on his own behalf. Now he has to deal with the aftermath – and we can all laugh at his awkwardness.)

Poor James. ^^; I gotta say I feel bad for the poor guy. He’s pretty much doomed to an ungodly level of awkwardness around Jess for the rest of his life, even if she no longer cares. I think *he* wishes he’d never taken that photo a lot more than Jess does.

Probably. XD I hate to spoil things by commenting though.

I think James is as spineless as he is horny an opportunistic. He could be happily wanking-his-crank in the privacy of his own apartment. (single or several photo’s displayed on the biggest screen he owns) but, he is in the hall. He even appears to be trying to formulate an apology that he just can’t seem to bring himself to utter thus, his stammering well wishes. But then again ed has said they expected a pole in her future… maybe she teases him all time and Ed just doesn’t know that this time just wasn’t on HER terms. Thus she has to keep face.

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