672 Special Kind Of Evil.

I was shooting to end this part on a Friday, but it just didn’t work out that way. So, we have an ending on Monday and a beginning on Wednesday. A beginning my mother has been pestering me to do nearly since the comic started. Even now I’m not sure I can do the idea justice, but I guess we’ll all find out together.

I had a dream about working in an amalgam store, like the store of the comic. It was really annoying. The rest of the staff all had a habit of turning everything into a customer service failure. Not maliciously, but somehow all of them could effortlessly say the exact wrong thing and then walk away. The last person I served before waking up was a guy looking for obscure UFC videos. No amount of talk could convince him that sometimes videos are out of print and you have to get them second hand. Then a chubby girl in glasses, whose name I can’t remember, came over and said a bunch of crap that was completely incorrect which made him think I was trying to trick him. So, after twenty minutes of convincing, I got him calmed back down. Then he wanted to ask about collapsible pool cues. By that time I was like “fuck this dumb piece of shit” but I kept helping him anyway. Thankfully I woke up from having the fan blow the covers into my face.


Saddly, perhaps 75% of the women I know are this brand of evil. Fortunately for me, I am evil-er, and can generally beat them to the cut.






Or at least I fake it well ;P

I am sure they know that you orgasm to quickly and no amount of pretending you are after they do makes it true. lol

Well, color me interested. A new story arc it is. Will this one end with a brief glimpse into Twinny antics at a Chinese restaurant like the last arc did, or will we move straight into a brand new world of everyday shenanigans?

Also, nerd-talk time, because you can never have enough of it on the intertubes: what D&D Alignment would you peg each of the cast as? My guesses follow.
– Thomas: Neutral Witty
– Ed: Chaotic Manly
– Carol: Chaotic Chesty
– Nina: Neutral Sunny
– John: True Neutral
– Jolene: Chaotic Cute
– Mike: Lawful Fluffy
– Reggie: Lawful Stupid
– Jess: Chaotic Silly

I can personally vouch that each and every one of these alignment types are completely legal, and you should let NO ONE tell you otherwise!

tl;dr: I lol’d XD

I think Carol errs more on the side of Lawful Chesty, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

I originally wanted to say that she was ‘Neutral Chesty’, but it sounds too wishy-washy for a dynamic persona like hers. But yeah, you’re right – both Thomas and Carol skirt the un/lawful alignment meter pretty well. But while Thomas retains his Neutrality because of his ability to switch from one to the other as necessary, Carol became an ‘Agent of Change’ because of the color she brought back into his life. =D

I think your links are broken… I was trying to go back to make sure I didn’t miss a comic and could not. Just to check, I went through a couple of comics on the archive and the start, back, next and end buttons did not seem to be working on any I checked.

I just stumbled across this comic (and devoured the archives in record time) and I must say I’ve absolutely fallen in love! This has quickly become one of my favorites. The characters are brilliant and their banter is nothing short of uproarious. Thank you so much for such a wonderful comic!

With a Wink and a Smile…

Jess may have defused an otherwise awk-ward situation, but I think @MrGBH is right — this will be a bun-biter in the future. James will ask her out, and soon. Eww!


As far as your dream goes, the scenario has played out in my past life as a Retail Hell worker. I worked for (let’s call them, for the sake of litigation) Transceiver Hut for a couple of years. I was hired because I knew what the hell I was talking about, but our store frequently ran short of help, and we’d get a borrowed Ass-istant Manager when our Manager was on vacation, honeymoon, or recovery.

I would help a customer find what they were looking for or explain why we didn’t carry it and couldn’t order it, then the idiot AM would horn in, double-teaming me and telling the Rube he wanted to buy something totally inappropriate or completely useless. I could blow him off, since I was a part-timer and had a real job on the outside.

Collapsible pool cues? How about a two-piece, custom-made pool cue, Jerkass?”


I believe that this is still my favorite arc of the comic yet; I just had to go back and reread it (for probably the sixth time). And, despite most of Jess’ beautiful body on display at the start of the arc, this is still probably my favorite comic out of them all.


Year and a half later, I still think this is my favorite comic. Jess really is something else. We need more of her.

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