1047 Take Five.

Hopefully this will clear up my comments about watercolors from the last post. May this page launch a thousand ships…

Again, this was drawn by my friend Amber, who has not updated her page in a very long time. In fact I don’t think she’s told me much about her future artistic plans apart from doing sketchcards of various kinds.

Although… I hesitate to tell one thing I heard, but it is a fantastic coincidence. The kind of thing that makes for a great story.

Oh what the hell, as anyone with an ounce of sense would expect this comic borrows heavily from my life. Like Thomas I once loved a girl very much and we parted ways. It was… not good. Eventually however that relationship, helped make this story and form these characters you all have come to love or, in some cases, tolerate. The fate of this girl is largely unknown to me, but I recognized a name in an announcement Amber made about an upcoming project. The name of that very same girl from so long ago. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?

I know, right? It’s one of those things that makes you think, as a writer, that there really is no limit to how far you can push coincidental plot contrivances. God seems to rely heavily on them as well…


You were right, that is really a beautiful watercolor. The first shot of Jess reminds me of some watercolor Sailor Pluto pictures that Naoko Takeuchi did once upon a time. Very lovely.

Thanks. ^_^ Naoko Takeuchi watercolors always kind of stymied me, particularly what she did with black hair. I tried to do that here but didn’t quite get the paper to the right degree of wetness. It’s tricky. I was more emulating Utena style in the line art but for the hair I was trying to do the Takeuchi thing.

Well it came out very well. I know how hard watercolors can be, having tried them myself and my best friend’s mom has been at it for 13 years and she’s amazing! I remember when she was just starting out and going to a teacher and she would tell me about all these techniques one could use.

Wow.. that surely launch my ship..
Anywho, about the fantastic coincidence

Karma is a bitch, and i asume she is coming back…
Of course there is good and bad karma… who knows, maybe this could be the closing you need.
I really like this comic man,

You put me some letturz on its! XD Thanks. ^_^ I always think that’s not going to take very long and then I sit there staring at each page for a damn hour and a half.

I am currently working on this project as a colorist (my watercolors over another artist’s inks): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badkarma/bad-karma , various sketch cards, and a bajillion characters for a video game called “Army of Tentacles” (which I’m crazy behind on). And a board game. I’m making a board game. Pretty much all of it is stuff I can’t share since it’s for other people/companies but I should be able to post some more stuff soon. I could post stuff for the board game but it’s super boring right now and consists of a bunch of index cards and a giant pad of graph paper that I nailed to my wall.

I very heavily believe God and I have a special relationship… And would very much like him to stop meddling in my mortal affairs because the coincidences, 20/20 hindsight crap is getting ridiculous.

Haha coincidences suck. I have so many of them, too. Namely the fact that I seem to collect guys with the same first name and I hate it because my first love has that name and I don’t want to be reminded of him or else I go on this stupid depression spiral and have to start all over again being okay without him.

Woo! Run-on sentence!!

Ha-haa, sorry Ed, but people are free to think what they will! And that particular little ‘thought genie’ is out of the bottle! and beautifully presented, I might add, Cheers!

It’s work really well :3
But please, five more minute T.T

PS : I read you comic since 2 months now and you can be sure it’s not for the fan service. I wish long life to your webcomic ;)

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