1048 Grudge.

Anyone who’s been with me very long will already know that I like saying things in ways that don’t make their meaning immediately clear. Or the words can be taken multiple ways and have many layers of meaning. It’s part of what makes the title of this comic so perfect. It can mean a lot of things, and it does. All the things in fact. I won’t spell out the layers of meaning here, but I hope you take note of them.

It’s about 2 weeks from the 6th anniversary for the comic. It took that long, and a lot longer before that, for me to be ready for this. I hope you guys enjoy the journey.


Holding a grudge against a person is as foolish as holding a grudge against your stove because you touched a hot surface and got burned. If you held a grudge against it and refused to ever use it again or obsessed about how evil it is and plot to get even with it you would be considered mentally ill. The pain it caused was certainly real, but you have to get on with life and make the best of it. If you are particularly wise, you will not only refuse to hold a grudge, but actually forgive the person who wronged you whether they have asked for forgiveness or not. Doing so liberates you from the destruction of the grudge. It is actually critical to do so in ongoing relationships (like family, spouse, etc.).

Easier said than done. I don’t have any grudges against other people, but I do hold some of my more impressive failures close to my heart. One of them I’ve almost gotten over. The other… no one even knows about it.

Shame is the most powerful emotion.

I don’t believe shame is worth what it costs. As far as failures go, learn to view them as learning experiences rather than the end of a road. I’m 34, unmarried, failed out of university and attending a state college.

I’m going to succeed, though. Not because of what I’ve done or not done in the past. It is because I’m going to press on in spite of where I’ve failed in the past.

You’ll have your good days and bad days, but what you do with them is more important than what they did to you.

I have grudges over 25 years old. Would I like to ‘get over it’ as Fugacity seems to believe we should? Yes. Going to happen? Sure – when I am dead.

Do I like that…no. But I sure do understand them. I do not have many, but the ones I have, I have had a long, long time.

It should be interesting to see where the comic is going now.

as to: ‘I hope you guys enjoy the journey.’ – hell yeah. I love this comic. Another 6 years will not be enough.

I can see where Fugacity is coming from on this one, though. Yeah, sure, it hurt when it happened, whatever it is. Can I ask you something about that person or thing that did something to you over 25 years ago? Do they lose any sleep at night thinking about what they did to you?

Why should you lose any sleep over something you never had control over to begin with? After 25 years, I expect releasing a grudge may be a process, but I seriously doubt your grudge is affecting that person’s quality of life like it is affecting yours.

In the end, the choice is yours.

Onions have layers.
Cakes have layers.
Some stories have layers.
Crave, your writing is a story written on an onion inside a cake, which is part of another story.
And then there’s the things more complicated, which give anyone short of genius level a headache to understand. I won’t name names, but offenders can be identified.

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