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Reggie is stepping right up to the line. A man who lives dangerously.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts all week and it’s getting very slowly worse instead of better. It’s causing me to grit my teeth so hard they are getting itchy in my gums from the force of it. Some of it is physical, but I feel like there’s a portion of it that is anxiety related. It feels like the pent up anxiety of the previous year is trying to resolve itself somehow but there’s no outlet for it. Or maybe it’s something else completely. I don’t know.

Anyway, hopefully it will sort itself out over the weekend and I’ll just be fine on Monday and can go on with my life without a bunch of bullshit ruining things for me yet again. Either way I hope to see you here. If you’d like to support my work links are, as always, above the post. I wish you well until we meet again.


Do you exercise?

I remain completely still most of the time to confuse predators…

Heh. I really, seriously, recommend regular exercise. The benefits to sleep, mood, and overall health (i.e. both mental and physical) are pretty much unparalleled. It doesn’t need to be much, commit 30 minutes a day to a brisk walk, maybe a few pushups. Or try doing jumping jacks for a few minutes then rest for a few minutes. I honestly can’t recommend doing something highly enough. Humans are built to use their bodies and the decay when we don’t spreads to every system in your body.

Also agreed. Like you said, it doesn’t even need to be a huge deal, just as long as you get your whole body in some kind of motion slightly more strenuous than walking to the restroom and back.

Yes, exercise is worth it.
I discovered this when I has stayed home at the start of the pandemic. I stayed home all the time except when I had to be out for some essential activity. I was delighted to suddenly be able to attend axademic mathdmatics seminars all over the world without the effort expense of travel.
But when I saw my GP after a few montgs for my regular checkup and told her how I had been self-isolating, she was upset.
She told me that the risk of deterioration from lack of exercise was greater than my risk from Civid, and ordered me to take a walk every day.
When I did so I discovered how much I had deteriorated. The first time I managed to get a third of tgd way to the corner store and ended up exhausted. Before the pandemic it had been an easy walk.
My doctor had been right.
So I started doing a walk every day, slowly extending my range.
I felt much better after another month had passed.
Still feel better now, a few years later. I don’t do the walk every day , but I do it enough — sometimes the Montreal winter weather is not safe for a 76-year-old.
My comfortable range now is about half a mile. I use a walker to prevent falls when the sidewalks are icy. My range tends to be longer in the spring and fall than in the winter or the hottest days of summer.

I love how Madison bounces Reggie’s snark right back at him without getting upset by it. They’re gonna get along juust fine lol

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