1714 Unfettered.

Okay, now she’s just fucking with him.
There was a lot of chatter about what exactly they did, but I left it vague because whatever you imagine is so much better than anything I can come up with. I will say this much, in a public park, on a weekday, in small town Kansas, you’d be lucky if there were more than two people there. Or unlucky depending on what you wanted to do there. They are essentially alone in a small park, with enough cover to do whatever they like.


twintails + glasses. I’m done. I’m sorry carol, I’m converting. I still love you, but nina totally just passed you

Yes the glasses worked for me too.

Meanwhile, I’m just thinking “but without his glasses, how can Ed SEE?!?!?!”

And then I remember not everyone’s vision is quite as godawful terrible as mine(which also explains why glasses theft hasn’t left Nina blind).

Holy heck. I know that panel 1 face from experience and all I can say is that Ed must be a much more…”formidable opponent” than Nina was expecting…

It could also be exactly what Ed’s sister Jess had mentioned to Carol when the latter two were talking about screwing guys who were taken:

“The first taste, after a chase, is always the best!”

Haven’t seen boobs that pointy since the original Tomb Raider.

There are a few subreddits dedicated to them.

Because boob variety is important!

I will have to agree: variety is definitely a good thing, and especially so with the female physique.

I’ve always liked Nina the best, but that cheshire grin in panel 1, with the twin tails, and the glasses, and the outfit, and the girls being free….*dies happy*

You can get a lot done under the right conditions! I remember, back in high school, me and some friends were sitting on the side of a hill at night, trying to scare each other with ghost stories and general creepy shit. A few yards away, a couple walks up – into one of the few patches of light from a lamp, for some reason – lays down a blanket and proceeds to very obviously have sex. Since they were in light and we were in darkness, there was no way to tell we were there, but it was hilarious all the same. It took all our willpower not to clap loudly when they were done.

Called it! Well. . . I was right that Jackie left what they did to our imaginations. Well played!

I like to believe he is very nearsighted and is only blushing from the implications, and not because he can see the peaks of the mountains

“Okay, now she’s just fucking with him.” … Yeah, she’d *better* get to that bit before he crashes! :-)

Takuan Soho wrote a philosophy book, called, “The Unfettered Mind”.
Do you think Ed will write a book, called, “The Unfettered Boobs”?
Maybe? :)

When I first glanced at the third panel, thought his ears were blushing so hard they’d started to bleed. Ah, no, that’s his hair tie.

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