Careful Ed, if you get any more of an eyeful you’re liable to lose an eye.

Happy 4th to you as well Jackie – Nina looks even more spectacular in the last panel that usual!

Hee hee hee!
*insert a joke about, [ you’ll put his eyes out, with those things], here*

Yep, staying abreast of things can be dangerous – cleavage of ones head being one possible consequence.

Staying abreast is always good! :D

I’m not sure…! a friend and I liked to make suggestive jokes, but then it always made us feel like a couple of boobs! :)

Indeed, with humor tits fine until your chests cross the line into vileness or villainy.

Heh, heh!
Does she call the left one, “Vileness”, and the right one, “Villainy”? :)

Ghostbusters for the win… lol As a side note, I think she wants to find out about the twinkie…..

What twinkie? Tell me about the twinkie.

Imagine (holds up a Twinkie) that this Twinkie represents the normal amount of sexual arousal that a woman instills in a man.

In the case of Nina, imagine a Twinkie 35 feet long and weighing six hundred pounds.

Fireworks are nice and all, but do people need to keep blowing stuff up at 11:30pm? Some of us are trying to get Statistics HW done before class tomorrow. :/

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
And for our Canadian friends: Happy 150th Anniversary of Canada! :)

Hate to bring this up but I was just behind a bit and getting caught up and I’ve been getting malware pop-ups when going through the archives.

Normally boobs pressing against your back is known as suckerfish but what if they are white pointers?

I don’t know.

But- in WWII, a [white + brown spotted?] dog, named Judy, was apart of the UK’s Royal Navy.
To reward her for helping the Navy, she was given “the Dickin Medal”.
Please make your own joke out of “the Dickin Medal”.

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