1313 Purrrgatory.

I’ve had a couple of really odd dreams. Odd in that they are about things that I’m not really concerned about, but still manage to wake me up. The thing about these dreams is they are so unlike what I’m used to they actually scare me more than say, zombies, or nuclear holocaust. The most recent example was me playing checkers, or something, against 50% of Hall & Oates. It was Oates as the opponent and Hall was not around. Here’s the thing though, I was really worried that Hall was somewhere around and I couldn’t see him. I was totally paranoid that Daryl Hall was observing me play this game with John Oates. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT!? I’m not even a fan of Hall & Oates. I mean, I like some of their songs, but I’m don’t have any albums or anything.
I actually remembered the dream because Man Eater came on the radio when I was driving around the other day.

I’m not sure when the next installment of The Wandering King will be along. I may just write a couple of disjointed scenes, because I don’t have the first section fully worked out in my head just yet.

Teen Coronary

meh Tuesday and it snowed but not enough for a snow day which is disappointing. all day I just wanted to go home and lay in bed and drink hot chocolate but not a chance of that. my stomach has been bothering me all week I feel like I’m going to throw up so that’s pleasant (not). I went to my friends house after school today and we went over our lines and I did her hair and makeup which she would like me to do for the play also. I should probably go do my biology homework but id much rather write this then go kill zombies since they clearly aren’t going to kill themselves. I have to take some weird army test tomorrow which I’m not to thrilled about I mean I have nothing against anyone who is or wants to be in the army but its just not my thing so I find it pointless for me to even take it. my play is in one week and I’m absolutely terrified, with my luck ill probably forget my lines and trip off stage. my drama teacher has been a tiny bit more nice lately so that’s good, after we finish the play we get to start choir which I’m a little more excited for because I like singing. I just hope the songs aren’t stupid. I have also been obsessively Christmas shopping online so I don’t have to do it later. even though sad events happened around Christmas I do still love it and I’m excited to see what “Santa” brings me this year, I’m pretty sure Jackie will only get coal! lol I already found his present since he is after all my favorite cousin (shhhhh don’t tell!) I’m really tired today I felt like I’ve barely slept this week, I almost fell asleep in world history and biology today and I love world history! we just finished the section on the romans which was fascinating yet strange and now were moving on to the medieval ages section which I think sounds pretty awesome. I just hope we don’t have to do anymore ridiculous arts and crafts projects, I don’t see why my school is obsessed with them. fingers crossed for no more snow or at least a snow day so I can sleep in anyways its getting late homework then zombie killin time!!! goodnight peeps


I don’t know what a group of them is called but I bet on of their functions is called a Fur Ball.

… I got nothin’

Oh no first Jackie and now The Teen is getting sick. :(

John better not screw over Alex. She is my favorite.

Read Teen corner for the first time today, and it brought up many questions. Such as ” why is the American Army screening adolescents?” Is this a regular thing down there?

The ASVAB is as Wikipedia explains, “a multiple choice test, administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces. It is often offered to American high school students when they are in the 10th, 11th and 12th grade, though anyone eligible for enlistment may take it.

Although the test is administered by the military, it is not (and never has been) a requirement that a test-taker with a qualifying score enlist in the armed forces.”

As far as I know it isn’t required, but most schools set aside time for every student to take it. Seeing as we are a warlike people it is important to know the general aptitude of our fodder.

A rmed
S ervices
V ocational
A ptitude
B attery

Seeing as the services keeps many records for long periods of time, the services are used for quite a few…uh…”Social” “Experiments”;
So the “Vocational Aptitude” tests are used to INDICATE aptitudes and what vocations that certain groups of aptitudes show a marked proficiency for…

Sounds like You have a couple niggling trepidations coming to a head…
Possibly seasonal in provenance…
They may get a bit more frequent for a while.

Have You tried a little ginger to calm Your stomach?
It sounds like either nerves or You might have caught a “bug”…

And there’s one question that will be marked wrong even though you got the right answer. It serves to see if the test taker was cheating.

I got the highest possible non-cheating test, but I couldn’t enlist thanks to allergy triggered asthma and ADD.

I still find it rather disturbing they start asking youngsters if they would find it cool to join the armed services. I mean what on earth are the options in there? (I mean lets face it, who still believes the adverts of “go to far off places, have a ball and meet new people”)
As for a group of Furrys if it was a fur dance off then perhaps a Hairball…. does always give a whole new meaning to John trying to get some tail :D
Lets face he probably already is a closet MLP fan. At home, trots around in his pony shoes lol

From my experience, it’s less a “come join the army & have fun” but more of a “see what you’d be suited to (according to a big-ass standardized test)” It didn’t contain anything directly related to the military when I took it in high school, so unless it changed its more like a general aptitude test (but with a stronger focus in mechanical, technical, & research type fields)

Now, if there’s a recruiter there (which there probably will be when the results are provided, at the very least) then they might put forth some encouragement towards looking at enlistment, but it isn’t usually a big push during the initial testing. Do well in a particular area of it (or on the whole thing) and you might that get a recruiter approaching you about “getting more information” The ones I’ve interacted with haven’t been pushy or overly theatrical about it, but some can be persistent if they think you’ll sign on.

So, nothing major (ha) just a vocational test from the government unless you let it become more.

Yeah, ASVAB is not a recruitment tool in and of itself. They are in fact not allowed to speak in favor of military service specifically when giving the test – they pretty much just shepherd the students into a room and give them multiple choice exams. Students can choose not to take it but that means moving against the herd so most teenagers don’t wanna stand out by leaving.

Now, the military MAY contact the students later based on the results of the ASVAB but I don’t recall that they tell you directly what your ASVAB scores are. But generally the better you score, the more likely a recruiter is to contact you to see if you’re interested. They do not have access to the rest of the scholastic record – contact or not is based solely on the ASVAB.

I’m deaf in both ears and the military contacted me (many years ago) wanting to recruit me based on my scores. They didn’t know til I told them that I am basically about as ineligible as it gets (drill sergeants don’t like recruits who can’t hear them, for many obvious reasons and comedic reasons alike).

In my case it didn’t give them much to work with. I scored in the 99th percentile on everything except for manual dexterity (I’m a certified genius klutz) so they kind of said “you could do whatever you want” – to which my obvious reply was “if I can do anything I want, why would I go into the military when I have so many other options.” Now that I’m older I realize that there were some good comebacks to that, but the recruiters were so used to dealing with kids that didn’t have many options that they had no idea how to talk to someone like me. I did talk with one recruiter for the Navy where they have people working on nuclear power – but I knew more about it than he did so he quickly lost my interest.

I know when I took it, the recruiter I met with (I had applied for a Navy scholarship with the idea of going into intelligence and when he called I thought it was about that) tried to convince me to become a technician on nuclear submarines. I am 6’5″.

That´s not strange, Crave. Everyone knows Hall is a cold-blooded killer beneath his affable exterior. Your dream just means you’ll be more ready to face him when the slaughter begins.

I’d like to know what the Teen’s favorite period in history/favorite culture is. She seems to be pretty into the ancient world.

I think my favorite would have to be the Greek and roman times I found them very fascinating. I could see myself in the Greek times. The Romans kind of scare me but they were incredibly interesting to learn about and the middle ages are fascinating to lol I like them all but the Greeks are my favorite I like the idea of all the different gods and such.

As for the play, What I like to do when I need to memorize stuff is connect the lines to emotions that you portray while you’re memorizing. Try to say it in a funny or emotional way, basically the way you’re supposed to say it on stage. that way, not only do you remember it better, you display it with passion. every line has an emotion attached to it, and if you can use that to motivate you, your lines will come easier.

also, don’t be afraid of that nervous energy you’re probably feeling. just channel it into the character’s emotional state. If she feels brave, or scared or confused, put yourself into her shoes!

You’re gonna do great. Just believe in yourself.

Oooooor, you could just close your eyes and pretend all the audience members are…zombies.

I have my lines pretty much down except for one paragraph but I’m working on it and I have the emotions down pretty well to its the audience that I have a issue with but I’m trying to pretend they aren’t there thanks for the encouragement

Having recently retired from the Navy, I can tell you there are still some folks that come in to see the world, whether that world is outside of their hometown, homestate, or the United States, they still do. However, the overwhelming number still just want the GI Bill and I don’t blame anyone who wants to join and get the hell out when their contract is up. Having said all that, I find it odd that the teen makes it sound like she’s being forced to take the ASVAB. I’d take a bet that if she were to ask if its mandatory, she’d get a funny look and be told that no, its not mandatory, but “golly, it sure makes the school look good when so many of our students “volunteer” to take the ASVAB.” :(

I really only started ready the comments about two weeks ago even though I’ve been reading the comic for a lot longer than that. I have to say that I’m enjoying reading them. Can the font color be changed so its easier to read, rather than grey that almost blends in with the blue-gray background?

I don’t know why you’re seeing the text that way. It’s black on a light blue grey field on every device I use. Maybe your browser isn’t loading the site right.

One of my friends joined the navy so he could ride around on a big boat. He spent his entire run in an office building in the middle of the country. Only got to set foot on a boat a couple of times and only for an afternoon at most. How crazy is that? He left the Navy having never sailed anywhere.

Mugu – they usually don’t tell the students that it’s not mandatory until RIGHT before the test is administered. I suspect because it does cut down on how many are willing to stand out by leaving. :P When I was in high school (many, many years ago, she said, in a withered and cracked voice), they told us we’d be taking a battery of tests at some point; the day of the test, the test administrator (who looked like any other teacher or school administrator but which I realized after the fact would be someone hired by the military to administer the test) gave us a brief spiel including instructions and yadayada oh by the way you are not required etc etc. Not nasty, not a pressure sell – but the few kids who did leave were ones who come from families with strong views against military service, in favor of pacifism, etc, and hence were slightly more informed (differently informed, anyway) than most of us as to the tests; they actually had an opinion about it.

Most of us were like, eh, whatever, it’s a test which at least doesn’t affect our grade or permanent scholastic record.

I find it funny that the first thing I do when reading the comments section is read the Teen Corner first, THEN read the author notes…..

Oddly enough, the Word of the Day on dictionary.com today was clowder, a group or cluster of cats. I understand there is also a conglomeration (emphasis on the con) of anthropomorphic fans called a fur pile, but the less said about it, the better.

ASVAB was actually fun for me. Picturing folding objects in the spacial recognition portion was a blast. It was ome of my 99 percentile sections. ACT & GMAT suck. The room color logic questions anoyed me to no end.

Teen: nothing wrong with serving if you feel compelled to, but if you get recruiter calls that you want to stop, just tell the, this: I’m going into Mechanical Engineering. The average starting salery out of the School of Mines is double an O1’s pay. So why would I want to get half the pay and have the off chance of being killed?”

Before anyone complains about my saying that: USAF 44 CES 1987- 1992.

I forgetted their deal

Are they dating?

John probably isn’t aware of them dating… she’s sort of slowly but steadily enveloping his world until five years from now he will suddenly look around at their house full of fat children and say, “Well shit… “

Unless they’re crow furries. That would be called a murder. Fun fact, a group of crows is called a murder.

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