1675 Evnira.

Evrina is about 3 years younger than Nina. She would have been 14 or 15 the last time they saw one another, making Nina about 18 or there abouts. That’s not really important information, but I do think about stuff like this just to try and keep the relative timeline of the cast in order on the fly. Nina is about 26, Ed is 21 or so, and that makes Evrina around 23. God boy is Evrina’s age, which may or may not get brought up at some point. As it’s not a hugely relevant bit of information I don’t feel like it’s going to ruin anything my revealing that. I still need to get around to naming him.

I have a list of stock names my friends and I used to throw around, maybe I should pull out one of those. Brock Athee, C.J. Cuttington, Biff Huggins, Trent Baxter, Paul Fist, Pete Putnam… Maybe I should name him after my friend Ramon. he looks kind of like a Ramon…


I like C.J. Cuttington or even J.C. Cuttington then everyone can call him Jesus.

I think he does look like a Jesus or a J.C., but not a Cuttington. Cuttington sounds like a stereotypically snooty, upper-crust British guy who gets his stocks from a weird little ticker-machine-thingy in a glass dome. Either Jesus or Ramon works for him.

I like the name, Ramon.
This guy makes me think of the guys that are in The Ramones, for all of that. : )

My dude. “Angelo”. Greek for “Messenger of God”. Granted, I don’t know if any of the characters in the comic are named symbolically, but hey, Angelo’s a pretty sweet name regardless.

Man. He does look like a Ramon. Like, Ramon Gabriel Salvador or something like that. (Since Salvador is just “savior” in Spanish)

Random name that just bubbled up to the front in my mind – take it as you will.

Jesus Christopher Salvador Cuttington

Given name and the names of the grandfathers on both sides of the family tree.
Very traditional naming convention.

Being raised as the son of a pastor usually results in either very well immersed in the teachings or in total rebellion to the same.

I think GODBOY should have a name like GODFREY or GOODWIN. The kind of name that got him picked on as a kid and the solstice of the church is where he hid to keep away from the bullies. (cuz there are no bullies at church, right??)

I’ve learned the hard way in my own writing that keeping continuity straight on the back end is absolutely critical, even if it never comes up in the story.

Godboy seems to be lacking some boundaries. What one says to “some girl” and what one says to an employee don’t overlap 100%.

Buff Drinklots,
Bolt Vanderhuge,
Crunch Rockbone,
Sizzle McThornbody,
Thick McRunfast,
Big McLargehuge,
Bob Johnson.

Just a few good names that I totally came up with on my own.



I’m leaning towards something like Diego Schwartzman.

Ah, avoid the British heritage and its associated baggage and go with German?

Hmm, not as likely though since Elis Island had a tendency to turn all those difficult ethnic names into Black, Smith, Jones and such.
Well unless the family history went further back to an earlier period and they went west instead of north along “The trail of the black walnut.” after leaving Pennsylvania.

Ramon Astery or maybe just Ramon Otheism?
(I’m sure there’s more to his personality, but we don’t know much of it yet.)

I’m going to put at the bottom of the page something that was said earlier!

Rukduk suggested Ramon Gabriel Salvador.

Perfect name in my opinion.

I kind of like Trent, regardless of the last name. He looks like a Christian Metal Jesus, and Trent Reznor was lead singer for Nine Inch Nails, not that they’re in any way Christian, but they are a mix of industrial and metal

On a side note, I love how Evrina is so mad she’s vibrating in the last panel, and I could definitely see Evrina and Godboy dating in the future. Evrina is a down to earth check to Godboy’s enthusiasm and blind faith, while he can be a check to her anger. Plus, she blushes every time he speaks to her. At least when she’s not yelling at him

It’s weird recognizing someone you met as a kid. Also, nice boob-shot of Nina in Panel 4.

Forty years ago (yeah, I’m old), I went out with one of the other guards I worked with. It never would have worked — she hated Science Fiction. When I went to her parents’ house to pick her up one night, I met her 14-year-old sister (we were 19). Jump ahead 15 years or so, and I am working with a woman with the same last name. I asked her a question only a member of the family would know, and we spent the next half-hour catching up.

Oh, and it’s definitely Ramon. Ramon Montoya.

Is…Nobody going to bring up how unlikely it seems that someone, most importantly someone like Evrina, would forget about someone like Nina in a small town like this?. Wait…has it ever been established as a small town, exactly?

Maybe she’s feeling shy + flattered, but I think it’s fun that she doesn’t correct [this guy’s] comment. :D

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