Totally true. I made the mistake of trying TOO hard at work and I ended up doing everybody’s work for minimum wage. :p

this one deserves to be graved in stone, printed in a gold sheet or something.
i ‘ve been there too and ended up answering questions i didn’t had to, helping guys with their stuff or even reasigned projects that were not my responsability in the first place.

excelent strip!

Here’s my problem… I tend to be all-or-nothing. So ne day, I do everyone’s work jist ’cause it’s tere, & the next I dick around until 15 mins to closing & have to rush to finish my shit. Thomas is wise.

Here I am reading this webcomic (again) at work. I’d say I ought not to… but who am I kidding? I’m a work-sprinter, not a work-marathon-runner.

<3 I should have paid closer attention to this page in the past. Got stuck doing assistant manager work without the pay or title at my retail job.

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