Just reading through the archives again ( Great comic by the way), and this one always catches my eye. Call me a game nerd, whatever, But when Ed says he has FIre Emblem 2 in his GBM is that Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones ( The second one released on handhelds outside of the US) or Fire Emblem Gaiden?

And please yes I know the awnser but i just had to throw it out there.

Already a few pages in and I’m liking this comic; the reality of it, and the manga-esque style matching the Lupin the 3rd style has me liking this before anything really interesting gets going :D

Rereading for the 3rd time but, I have to say that some people are able to instantly recall their strategies even if days have passed since they’ve been playing. Then again most of my “strategies” consist of smashing every enemy into paste as fast as possible.

I haven’t played the specific game mentioned, but generally if I go back to a game I haven’t played in a while my strategies start to come back to me after I putz around for a bit.

His point is perfectly valid! I could only play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance during the week before school was out since it was empty in the arcade. But weekends and after 3pm? Harvest Moon: More friends of mineral town.

Perhaps I’m getting into this a bit late, but the two Fire Emblem games for the GBA (at least in the US) had a turn by turn autosave feature, so that you could turn it off at any point in time with your progress saved. At least, I know that was the case in Blazing Sword. Pretty sure it was like that in Sacred Stones as well. You may have had to wait through your opponents turns, but it still seems to be a viable choice, imo.

Lotta snark on this ride already. <3 I was always too afraid to play games at work. Took up smoking as it was way more socially acceptable at shitty diners.

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