1009 Just Walk Away.

Let’s just admit that comedy demanded this outcome.

I constantly write things that demand charaters to embrace in some way, but that shit is insane to draw. Especially because I made everyone different heights, weights, and what have you. Constantly trying to figure out how tall everyone is in relation to everyone else is mental. The fact that I sometimes forget doesn’t help. Jess should be someplace between Nina and Carol. Jo is almost as tall as Carol, and possibly as tall as her because she tends to crouch when she’s nervous, and Carol makes her nervous. Kind of like how everyone thinks Jerry Lewis was shorter than Dean Martin. Jerry worked in a crouch, so it seemed that way. My father hasn’t been taller than me in decades, but in my head he’s always taller than me. Anyway, it was a pain working out this page. That’s part of why I tend to have embraces and stuff dominate images, because they eat up all the time for a page, so they may as well be the biggest part of it.

I went to the dentist a while ago, and had to have some work done on one of my front teeth. I’d basically ground the covering of it off so the insides were being exposed. Long story short, the dentist ground it down a bit and put sealant of some kind on it. The thing is, that tooth was basically the resting point for my jaw for my entire life almost. It was always uneven and off, so my mouth just adapted to it. It made it so my teeth don’t sit all straight across. Not just it, but it was a major player in the game. Now that it’s changed my mouth doesn’t know what to do with itself. It took a day or so to get used to eating with the new setup, and now I grind my teeth in a different way, so other parts of my mouth are sore when I wake up. It was a very important tooth. I used it to finely cut up certain kinds of food. It’s just, you never think about that stuff until something changes it, but then it’s too late. It made me think that this must be something like what the Doctor goes through every time he regenerates. As a nerd I must filter all experience through the prism of my nerdiary.


Indications of things to come between Jessie and Brooksie?

I don’t normally comment, but the comment about the Doctor and regeneration declared that I must.

I can relate. I had a thing with my foot where the knuckle of my big toe, where the toe was attached to my foot, stuck out A LOT. Which got to be very painful when I ran, especially after I joined a sports team where running is a must. So I had surgery, and the doc shaved off some bone and broke my toe to reset it so it was “normal”. I used to wear “wide” shoes, or the normal shoes would stretch to fit my foot. I had to go out and buy all new shoes and cleats because my old ones didn’t fit anymore. Drove me nuts, and beyond that, I had to learn how to walk all over again, because I had walked funny, and run funny, before the surgery. When you are used to one way of doing things, f whatever reason, and something changes which affects how you used to do things, it takes a while to adapt, and you start noticing how things are different from before.

On the mind rant side of things: Have you ever wondered if it was possible for the regeneration process to somehow go wrong, and instead of one new Doctor, there were two, each with the same experiences and memories, but each with opposite personalities? I couldn’t keep y mind from thinking about it. Or, what would happen if the Doctor HAD actually regenerated as a female? Or a ginger?

I just have to comment. Farmstink Buttlass. Id been thinking this about her from the beginning. Also, filtering everything through nerdery is the best and should not be underestimated.

Umm… I think they broke him. Also I think that third panel may have broken me too… must find brain switch real quick.

Do you grind your teeth when you sleep as well? If so, you REALLY need to get a mouthguard (ask your dentist!) It’s not exactly “teh sexay” for your nocturnal activities, but it’s a lot cheaper than years of tooth repair. Grinding is bad juju!

As always, love the comic – Jo is cute!

This. I have a mouth split I wear over my lower teeth when I sleep for this exact reason. Uncomfortable, a mild turn-off to have to take out when the fiancee comes in the room wanting sex at night, and it wasn’t cheap, but I’d find missing and damaged teeth much less sexy, uncomfortable, and cheap…

Still didn’t prevent me from losing a lower molar when it mysteriously cracked in half while chewing on a bread roll. I swear, 10 years of playing ice hockey (and almost all of that without a mouth guard; very stupid, I know) in my teens and twenties, and I end up losing a tooth to a bread roll in my 30s. Granted, it’s possible damage from those days finally manifested in the tooth cracking in half…

Fortunately, it’s not a visible tooth, so I’m holding off on implants until I can easily afford them (IF that ever happens…), but when it came to how my mouth closed? That molar and the upper molar it met with was the primary contact point on that side of my mouth. Now with it gone? YEah, took me a week to figure out how to close my mouth without it feeling weird. And nothing like chewing pretzels or chips and having a sharp edge jam into the gum rather than being mashed against what used to be a tooth there…

And never mind the dreams I had for much of my life of my teeth crumbling and falling out…

I lost one of my teeth similarly. Eating a sandwich one day, and it just broke. I forget what it’s called, but basically impact trauma damages the root, and then the core of the tooth dies, so while the tooth looks fine cosmetically, it’s just a fragile shell of enamel around a dead core, and at that point it doesn’t take much stress to crack it and finish the job.

So, yeah, it was probably long-term effects of hockey-playing. (Or armored combat, in my case.)

Jo has those nervous eyes pleading an unspoken Save ME!

while Ed just back away saying you’re on your own in similar fashion

not sure if its save me, I think that shes embarressed about how unprotected she is from his view, and she likes him and doesnt know what to do. . . and theres jess using jo to tease ed like “here’s a taste morsel you might like, want to come and get it”. . .

The creator of El Goonish Shive wrote down all the heights of his characters in feet and inches, then made a chart of them all side by side so it would be easier for him to draw them next to each other. I don’t know if you work that way at all or anything, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to offer a friendly suggestion :) (http://www.egscomics.com/sketchbook/?date=2012-01-13)

Ah… I love that comic too… though I need to go back and re read the archives because I forget who some of the characters are when they don’t show up for a while.

Ed’s reaction cracks me up so hard every time! :D I wouldn’t care, not unless they were really getting hot and heavy, and then… well, i like to do it but i do not like to watch. Ed does explain why in a few pages, (or a few tens,) but I still crack up at his reaction here! :D

Oh and you do cuddles very well, Jackie! … and I wrote that *before* I read the About page and learned it takes you a long time to draw stuff. It would take me a long time too, but I never thought of having a library of sprites. (Nor did I ever notice you reusing the same sprites.)

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