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So… Mega Bloks has made World Of Warcraft sets and is set to begin producing sets for Skylanders. The WOW ones are made in such a way that you can customize your armor. They are basically the exact idea I once had for accessories for playing D&D with. These sets won’t be any more expensive than other gaming accessories, so I feel like there’s a chance for some overlaping sales there. Unfortunately they are going to be limited by the coating of WOW as far as class types and whatnot, but it’s a good idea they could expand on. I’d love to make a little set of Between Failures adventurers out of these things. I don’t actually have any of them, but if they are as well done as the Halo stuff they’ll be pretty cool. Of course if they are as poorly done as the Marvel stuff then they’re fucked.

I haven’t even seen the Skylander stuff close up. I assume the sets come with an unlock code for the various iOS games and the website. They have to do at least that much I would think. Just a guess at this point as I’ve only seen listings online. I suppose it’s possible that the figures could come with a little base that could work like a typical skylander stand. The brain of the toys is clearly pretty small. Makes me want to see if anyone has taken one apart…


Being one of those nerds that totally plays D&D, the Mega Bloks figures are too large to use as minis when you play on the 1-inch hex maps. The LEGO minis are, likewise, too big for my liking, though they fit a little easier in the square. I can’t even imagine how many squares the mounts would take up (our normal horses take up 2 squares). They would be fun to just customize and use for display, but, since all our games usually use the 1-inch hexes, we couldn’t use them for the actual games. I may have to finally get in on the Skylanders Mega Bloks, though. That sounds like so much fun. One of the things that has kept me from collecting the Skylanders that I like is that they don’t move.

You don’t need expensive things like that. We just use old board game pieces. Like weird mini chess pieces in a bunch of colors we found rolling around in our DM’s dresser junk drawer. Enemies end up being salt and pepper shakers, soda cans, bottle caps, and snack food. GOLDFISH ATTACK!? ^_^; Yes, it’s lame. Yes, we’re broke. No, we probably won’t ever be cool. Lol.

As an old school D&D player I have done this. Never used any of the maps or battle boards either. We just set our makeshift figures out in the rough configuration on the table and used our imaginations.

God’s, I’m starting to sound link one of those old geezers… “In MY day we didn’t have no fancy shmancy stuff. We played using rocks as our figurines and our table was a couple of rough hewn planks set on a couple of saw horses… and we were happy with it! Dang kids don’t know what it is to use your imaginations any more… and get off my lawn.”

Heh… sorry about that.

Meh. Just tie it to a comment about how 4th ed. killed the game by turning it into a board game and suddenly you’re modern again.

On that note, though… yeah, kids don’t use their damn imaginations anymore. S’why i had to set lawn gnome traps in my yard…

I think 4th ed. was already out when my boyfriend at the time, lured me in to play. His opinion, and most of my friends, seem to agree with your comment on it so I’ve never played 4th ed.

…And how does one set lawn gnome traps? I have rotten children and solicitors who insist on creeping onto my property. For reasons I can’t figure out, they do not fear a lady with a shotgun. Lol.

We’ve switched to Pathfinder. I’m happy just to play anything, though, really. I even enjoyed 4.0 if only because you can play a spellcaster at lower levels and possibly not get the bejesus kicked out of you immediately.

I’m one of those people that buys a new figure for every character I play. Granted, I only change characters every few years so it doesn’t really get expensive, but we didn’t used to use the hexes at all. The squares make it much easier to keep track of who is where in a battle. We don’t use them for actual roleplaying (like talking and stuff). That’d be crazy…
And, it’s not like we don’t also grab a penny or a D4 as a placeholder for something but when you’re playing the same characters over and over again it’s nice to have something solid that you can always recognize both for you and for your other players. That and when you get to knock yourself over in a fit of dissatisfaction and annoyance it takes a bit of the sting out (and everyone knows they need to heal you, like, now)…

Yep. Utterly adorable. Keep it up, Jess!

I’ve used standard castle-set Lego dudes for minis in D&D… or, well, Game of Thrones d20, anyway, which has the advantage that almost everyone in most fights is either human or a horse, both of which Lego provides. They’re a little big for a 1″=5′ grid, but not unusably so. And being able to swap out weapons so we remembered what everyone was using and where on the field we’d dropped lances and whatnot was handy, especially when we started getting into actual battles with a couple dozen guys on each side. (I’ve, uh, got a lot of Lego dudes.)

Of course, I’ve also used Starbursts and gumdrops for minis, which have the advantage that you can eat your kills.

I just recently started reading this comic, and it’s now one of my favourites, and I plan on checking it out on a regular basis. :)
I love your panel layout and the characters. I even love the characters that I hate.
I’m sure your fanbase will keep growing, since this is a quality webcomic with a great story. Good luck!

Sincerely, to-be webcartoonist Kaera

I picked up a 3D printer setup for minis… I don’t use them too much, but when I do, I want them to be awesome.

The WoW megablocks are alright… but I (and everyone I know) play chicks, so while I’d love to get a set and customize them to be our toons for gifts, no one I know plays male characters… which made me a bit sad, really.

That said, I do have a tauren+windrider sitting next to my AT-ST, my Enterprise-D, and my covenant drop-pod… turns out cross-fic custom vids are a huge hit <__<

Okay,you have said enough about this Skylander that I finally had to Google it. Sounds like interesting stuff, I understand your rant now on the other page. I’m actually tempted to get into this, but I’m worried about getting the “Pokemon syndrome”, you know, “Gotta collect them all”. Still interesting stuff.

That’s what happened to me. Once I got one guy I wanted to see what they were all like, and how they changed gameplay, then I got some that were favorites, then it spiraled out of control, like everything does with me. XD

Yeah, I’m pretty bad like that too. But I will be fun to be around when or if I ever have grand kids. I’m 43 and I still play Pokemon, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. When I used to work food service I would get the funniest looks from parents when I would strike up a conversation with their kids once I noticed them playing Pokemon.

I even had one bewildered mother ask me if I seriously understood what the heck her kid was talking about and when I said of course I did because I had the same game, she looked at me like she was wondering why a grown woman would be playing a game for little kids.

But I always score coolness points with the kids because I can actually talk to them about their games and not just nod my head and pretend to listen.

I love the attention to detail you have in your comic.
Though the art style itself is fairly simple (not a negative thing, I just mean it doesn’t get bogged down in the small stuff) you do pay attention to things like how Jo’s top moves if she moves her shoulders back or forward.

… No, I wasn’t looking at her boobs, why do you ask?

I also like the fact that each character has unique ears.
The things that hardly anyone notices but that do make it ‘real’ for people.

In fact, I noticed the ears only after someone mentioned it in a comment, trying to see letters in each one.

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