1174 Storm’s A Brewin’.

I finished this page at, like, 3AM yesterday. Now, of course, I can see that I forgot a lot of stuff in my haste to finally go to bed. Guess I’ll fix it later. I just got home after a surprise trip to Garden City. (fixed it.)

The Teen wanted to deliver her xmas gifts after we went to our grandmother’s house to see my sister and her husband for our yearly visit. This took a long time because teens are, generally, poor at planning. Eventually the task was completed and we have returned with an extra teen: The Teen’s friend, Rainbow Dash. They are, even now I suspect, deciding how to misspend their evening. It looks like part of mine will be spent repairing comic pages…


If you kill them off or make them have a car wreck I will be very grumpy.
If she goes into labor early that’ll be okay, but no car crash of regret and sadness.
I won’t stop reading, but I will be disappointed.

I hate that kind of shit. I’d only do it if I really thought it would help the story in some way.

Thank you.
This response has either tricked me or made me feel better.
Hopefully the second of the two….
Maybe everyone will be trapped in the store during the storm and have Nerf War II

That fourth panel is missing a beard (unless someone had a quick shave :P ) ;)

mmmhmm…we’ve got a beardless, hairless Thomas in panel 4, as Dorthlous indicates…but at least we can tell that Dawn has a type, just as Thomas has, and mentioned to Carol….albeit hers is more of a physical attraction, while Thomas is a bit of an internal AND external…and seriously, Rave. I DO like when someone makes good use of symbolism. The darkened clouds indicate all hell is ’bout to break loose..and I’ve a feeling that Thomas will likely be the center of it…

I wonder what’s going on with Ed though..haven’t seen him for a bit I don’t think..

Who is this Storm and what is it that they are brewing?

She’s actually the Phoenix and has taken control of Storm, you see, and the baby is so super powered in her mutant ability he/she might actually be able to cause the Phoenix to stop coming back, so she is going to try to cause premature birth and take her/him as her own, raising her/him to be her minion and destroy the X-men.

Uh… someone seems to be lacking their defining facial hair. Guess that’s one of the “haste” things.

I think Rainbow Dash might be rubbing off on you XD

Is it just me or is there something wrong with their eyes?

Not much else to add. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a merry Christmas.

… or Xmas.

… or Hanukkah.

… Happy holidays. Tch when’d it get so difficult to wish others a good holiday season? =3=

I got it! Merry Winter Solstice everyone!!!

Now, I may be blind, but even I can spot a good Clone High reference from 50 yards away.

This is a comment section full of scared people making comments based on fear and ignorance. Now, when I left the house this evening, I intended to go to Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant. I can tell I’m in the wrong place. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave and let you get on with your reading.

Yeah, Reggie’s ready to work with Nina — she’s the one person he generally gets along with.

As for the comment section — either I missed my meds this morning or everyone else did… and I’m not prescribed any.

omg, I was just going to say “a storm’s a brewing” when I saw the clouds on the first panel. I love that Thomas said it at the end (obviously more of a metaphor, but still).

I love the foreshadowing! Thomas is going to get called into Mike’s office, wondering just what Fresh new HELL this is, right before it all breaks loose in his life!

“Mike-wan-kenobi! You’re our only hope!”
“Be the one we need Mike! Save the underachiever, SAVE THE STORE!”

Great comic as always, mister. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day.

Also, to all you commenters, I dunno whether you celebrate stuff or not, but have a great holiday season. :D

jesus christ the set up between the two groups with thomas being the only one in both panels is absolutely brilliant. i almost never notice things like composition but god damn.

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