And the face-palming continues… Ima just leave my hand there… Uggggggggggghhhhhhhh

The sad part is I know people like this. I wonder if it’s actually nice being so oblivious to your surroundings? On the one hand, you’re a bother to everyone around you. On the other, you’re probably not aware of it enough to care. (assuming one would feel bad in the first place)

There’s a devilish plot brewing beneath that smile. Does anyone feel like the “People quit all the time” line is a hint?

He’s a teacher. Depending on where he works, he could be paid through summer (some will take a teachers yearly salary and pay it out for 12 months, so they aren’t broke :p) Though, another job never hurt. heh

And Dredd is not a bad choice!

Teachers tend to get a 10 month salary broken into 12 months. At first I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt… Nooooppppeeee not now

I liked Dredd, very much! I didn’t like the Stallone version, but the new one was good. Violent, of course. As any Judge Dredd movie should be.

Do please post and tell us what you thought of it.

What does AP mean? Also I’m wondering about the other guy we have seen little of. Also I have more respect for Reggie since he is training that new guy.

Short for application.

I thought that was app? Maybe it’s just me being a computer nerd. Ah well, I ain’t picky.

Do you think she’s just sending in a spy to try to insert herself back into Jay’s life? Or have Jay insert something into her..

He seems to have a lot of potential suitors these days.

“people quite all the time” makes me think she is planning on getting someone fired.
If this happens to anybody but Wesley there will be no redemption for her.

I absolutely love Dredd. Brilliantly done.

And Dawn? Well…she just needs to learn her place. I’m sure she will. Eventually.

I’d like to point out the “or you could watch the baby.” Part of her sentence. Meaning she’d be working there if he chose to watch the baby. I hope he chooses to work there actually. He might become good friends with Thomas is the two of them are open minded, & they could get Wesley fired.

Hubby working there would definitely be better than her. He seems like a decent enough guy. At least, he isn’t blind to the consequences of his wife’s actions like she is.

Hah! I knew Thomas’ desperate efforts to keep anyone (especially Carol) from getting the assistant manager position would come back to bite him.

Remember that she’s an arrogant cunt who cares only for herself and shits on the downtrodden lower class, which is hypocritical since she belongs to that socioeconomic category.

As for schemes, may Dawn pray for mercy, as she will receive none from Nina–and the opposite from Carol–should they catch a foul wind of conspiracy.

Wow…I was pretty much prepared to not hate anyone here. Everyone had their own mistakes, and could hardly be blamed. Thomas was harboring an age old grudge, and depending on who you are, those can be hard to shake. I don’t believe it was right, but shit happens and humans are humans. Certainly not a fault you can control.

Dawn shook him off like a drop of water when it came down to it, and while that is also deplorable; I can’t blame her either. She had plans, and Thomas didn’t. If she didn’t see them working out, then it was best to break it off (though she should have actually done it rather than cheat on him and drop a name). One way or another, it’s just more standard human mistakes that don’t point toward a terrible person. Relationships will make any standard thing worse tenfold if given the chance.

Now though? Either Dawn is oblivious or she’s making trouble. It’s crazy, but she reminds me SO much of my friend’s ex. Somehow I imagine her current marriage is something similar to this, but who knows? It’s mean to say, I think. She WAS a nuclear bundle of explosive emotions, though. Dawn seems similar, and absolutely will not admit if she is doing something that will obviously hurt someone.

Wow, I love how she is just coming across as so dense and clueless.

I think its a con. she comes off dense and clueless, but if she actually was, she wouldn’t have written, published and sold a book.

She’s like “The Donald” in that way. Trump knows he’s a douche, but refuses to change because…well, WHY? He wants what he wants, and he knows he can get it.

She knows how people’s emotions work, she would have to or her fiction wouldn’t be compelling. but she comes off as the “Unfettered” trope in her pursuit of having everything perfect in her own little world, which wouldn’t be complete without Thomas in it somehow. so she refuses to acknowledge the feelings of others, if they get in the way of what she wants.

Then again, it could just be the pregnancy.

I love the page….But Dawn seems so dense & oblivious that I feel she needs to hit upside the head with a Clue-by-four. From his expression it seems that even her husband thinks it’s a bad idea & she is just blowing it off. To me it’s like she is working on a mural with other people. Then she gets so caught up in her part of the mural that she never takes a step back to see how the rest of it is going & if she needs to change the direction of her part to match the rest of the mural. I have a feeling that Dawn will eventually see the damage that she is inflicting, but not be able to comprehend that she is the cause of it. She will probably end up passing the blame to the others involved & convince herself that its all their fault for not living up to the standards she has set. (that seem to be changeable & never stated except in her mind)

Dredd was…meh. The Wizard Of Speed And Time was better. than Either version of Dredd.

but then again, I like strange movies.

I’m hoping very much that this will somehow end up with Mike getting a promotion to assistant manager, Dawn getting Manager, and then ending up with Dawn getting sacked/moved/promoted/booted/launched to another city and Mike re-inheriting the Manager job…

Assistant manager would be a demotion from manager.

There are equally enjoyable parts of Dredd and Judge Dredd.

The Watchmen is better.

“Never compromise.
“Not even in the face of Armageddon.
“That’s always been the difference between us, Daniel.”

Dredd was probably the best movie of 2012, certainly one of the few that did not – in theatrical cut – mistreat women. Unfortunately the extended cut, which you can see on Netflix, needlessly adds roughly four minutes of gore and sexualized violence which undermines the work as a whole.

So, just before all this Dawn trouble, they were wondering who to put in the assistant manager position. Thomas thinks stepping into the assistant manager position is like stepping in front of a bullet, so Dawn or her husband would be ideal for that role. Neither of them need the job, so they can afford to take the fall.

Why do people think Dawn is going to try and get someone fired? She’s shown a tendency to be ditzy, not outright conniving evil. And if she’s trying to be friends with Thomas again, getting one of his friends fired would be a terrible idea. She can be ditzy, but I don’t think she’s that stupid.

So, this whole teacher thing. How does that work with also having a summer job at a store that sells video games as one of its primary sources of income?

As a teacher, I’m thinking that a second job in public retail is not a good idea. Many people would be okay with it, but I can’t help but think it would become a distraction of one sort or another to students.

Am I off-track with my thinking? I am one of those people who never experienced high school with internet, or even dedicated classroom computers. There were only a couple of computer labs in the entire school, and they were devoted to specific classes. I.E. typing or programming.

I don’t know about all the other words you said, but I worked with so many teachers trying to make ends meet with a second job, just in summer and year round, that this isn’t even a question for me.

What level of teacher is he? I thought he taught college, where he would still have summer classes to teach and papers to write for publication.

I thought the same. My mother is a professor, so consequently, I know quite a few. All of them are busy all the time, and wouldn’t have time for a part-time job, or inclination either.

Yeah. After I posted the comment, I read over it again and was wondering how on earth I got off on that tangent.

I feel that Dawn is just an oblivious bitch that needs to go back home, but her husband isn’t a total ass. He seems pretty decent so if he gets the job I think they’d be fine. Also if you are watching Stallone’s Dredd i heard it sucked, but the new one was my favorite movie of all time. FREAKING AWESOME

I may have never watched the original show, nor seen the movies, but that didn’t stop me from cracking up at this page’s title.

Really punny, Crave!

*Sigh* “Dawn is a bitch because while moving to a new city she’s trying to get money and therefore must be Satan incarnate.”

I feel like I’m the only one who likes Dawn. Sure she seems clueless but she seems to mean well enough.

As a soon to be mother in a small town, it stands to reason that she go to the major employer ( I’m assuming) as a backup plan. You do what you have to do to get by. I don’t like or dislike Dawn. I understand where she’s coming from though.

I don’t particularly like her, she can be a bit annoying, but I defend her on principle against people that act like she’s the antichrist. As the story goes on we’ll probably see more of her good side.

Again, the store isn’t short handed (it they were, Reggie and Wesley would be working full time) but I wonder again, what color the sky is on the world where Dawnstance dwells.

… I really don’t like how oblivious Dawn seems to be in relation to how difficult it can be for people to sustain employment in this day and age. People don’t “quit all the time”, even from “crappy retail” jobs, they’re laid off, or only hired seasonally for the Winter rush.

It reflects a really frustrating state of mind: “Well, so long as I’M able to sustain my way of living, I don’t care what’s happening to other people in similar situations.”

My brother’s girlfriend just quit her retail job, because she’s pregnant, and she hated that job. People quit retail jobs all the time. Sometimes they quit for life reasons, sometimes they just get sick of it.

I think she is going to very very quickly give her husband a brain aneurysm at this rate. Seriously, she’s either completely naive or well… evil.

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