Here’s any idea I’d like to suggest to all the BF fans: how about we give Jackie a week off for a Christmas gift? The week of Monday the 26th till the following Sunday the 1st is his week where he doesn’t need to post anything? Just take the week to do whatever other than worry about posting.

I think that this is a Splendid Idea. Seriously, the guy needs some time off that doesn’t feel like he’s letting us down.

I think, though, from reading his last few posts, that,
Even if all readers clamoured for Crave to take a break,
Even if he consciously agreed to take a break;
His sub-/unconscious self would still be posting.

Even if he agreed to not post,
I wouldn’t put it past him to keep creating…

I don’t think we control his work output. So I guess you advocate we… boycott the site for a week? So he wonders why everyone quit coming ’round? That seems a poor gift.

I’ll still come around and check, but I think the idea being that nobody would mind if Jackie took a week off. Time off can be very beneficial to health and well being…

Take a week off! Even if he kept working as usual, he’d build up a buffer… which is good too.

From what I’ve seen of the various struggles, dreams, and stuff that he’s shared, I don’t believe Crave is physically/psychologically/emotionally capable of taking time off. It’s the work that keeps him going through all this crap, and if he stops, the entropy wins.

As I’ve pointed out before, Isaac Asimov had the same difficulty. It made him the godfather of science fiction, and one of the most prolific writers of the previous century. But he died frustrated and bitter (rocking a pair of stupendous sideburns!)

Anyway, I’m praying for you, Jackie.

Also, from what little I know of comic-making, pages are ready a while before they are published. (Or at least, they’re usually supposed to?) There are chances a break in the Holiday will either result in the comic being uninterrupted that week but:

1) Falling behind in the schedule for later pages.
2) The interruption in the comic will happen at a later time. This scenario is preferable , of course.

I don’t say he shouldn’t, but I think that’s how it would work.

I agree, that is a good idea. But then again, many webcomics take the Christmas-New Years week off, so it wouldn’t be a big hardship to me, and shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

As much as I love reading Between Failures and I know I’ll go into withdrawals without my fix three times a week, I’ll have to agree with you – Jackie does need a break – just like the rest of us at this time of the year.

The only way to do that is to give him guest comics to run while he takes the break. Or at the very least to give him a few buffers if he falls behind as well. So why don’t we all give him fan art and such to show our appreciation and to give him the possibility of a break when he needs it!

I wouldnt normally point this out but in case this was gonna go into print isnt it supposed to be Remember?

Yeah, panel 4. the word being “Remeber” was all too glaring considering how few other such mistakes I see here.

But then part of what I have to do in life is look for typos and misspells in two languages on the comic which I draw.

I just had a look at Questionable Content again … Man, don’t get too deep into the SJW, it leads you nowhere good. Or whatever is wrong with that comic. The charm that was is now gone.

I also had a look at the start of this very series while I was at it. I’ve read it for a long time, but apparently didn’t remember it too well, and it sure has changed some. Heh, Clerks!

Where did he go SJW? I am not sure i am aware enough of their ilk to recognize it.

Plus I totally support a holiday for our poor beleaguered cartoonist here at Between Failures…

I love that comic, it is one of my favourites, and I am enjoying the current storyline. I don’t see the SJW thing, perhaps you could elaborate?

Let’s not forget that Mr. Jacques, on the eve of the recent election, urged his readers to vote a certain way, and insisted that he would not listen to any counter-argument. Sorry, but that crossed the line. He’s entitled to his opinion, and his is the bully pulpit, so he can preach from it and not have to listen to those who would try to gently correct his mental errors. But we don’t have to sit still for being lectured by bullies. I shan’t buy his shirts, or his books, or ever visit his website to grant ad revenue, or click through those ads as I used to. He can be as SJW as he likes, and I’ll take my business elsewhere, thanks. Wonder if Jackie has any fun T-shirts he’d like to sell me. He’s free with his opinions, but doesn’t try to jam them down anyone’s throats. Plus, he draws (and writes) a wonderful comic. Thanks for being there for us, and please do feel better soon!

I’m re-reading QC, compare the first years to the current ones. Then, Marten was trying to get involved with Faye, an occasionally violent lush, and thankfully got into Dora instead. And there was a lot about indie music.

Now, Marten turns out to have a dominatrix mother (sigh), a gay father with gay married husband (yay, so brave, etc), while Marten is himself boning and getting boned by a transvestite. Meanwhile, Dora is getting laid by yet another gay tattooed somebody, while Faye is starting to get into robot rights with a bit of strong womyn-bots breaking stuff. OK, there’s more but I hope you see my point. QC has swerved in a major way, and it doesn’t really interest me anymore. It’s preachy.

@Telepath, that´s the problem when art (I consider making comics an art) has “agenda” or beliefs the author needs to instill, consciously or not. This is not the case in the comic Crave bring to us. It talks about things we quite simply understand, at the very core of the being. Because what Jo feels is universal, and completely understood by any human who feels those things in life or has felt it once upon a time… That´s art. The good kind of art.

Good job, Crave.

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