Hi I like your post “168 Green Ranger.” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Answer welcome. Greetings Schlauchboot

yup, power rangers are demonic spawn of satanic horse-munching creatures……raped by Hilary Clinton.

Do any kids address strangers as “Mister” any more? I’ve only ever seen it happen in cheesy movies.

J.T. – It happens to me all the time. Everywhere I go people think I work there.

True story: I went to Smokey Bones in Greenwood, IN. (Smokey Bones is a chain that specializes in ribs and steaks.) I went into the restroom, where a little boy had just done his business and washed his hands. For some ungodly reason, the paper towel dispenser was mounted at should height, ON ME. (At 6’2″, I’m hardly a giant, but I’m definitely a little bigger than average.) Since he clearly couldn’t reach it, I pulled the handle a few times until the paper towel was down far enough for him to reach it. He dried his hands and started to take off, but then came back long enough to give me a big smile and say, “Thank you!” I replied, “You’re welcome” and gave him a smile, because he remembered his manners, and that’s the kind of thing I like to encourage.

it’s the 15 fucking season and i have wasted 9 years on that shit like a brick and yes if anyone agrees it didn’t go epic fail till i saw time force seroiusly wtf?

even ma mum was pulling her hair out saying “NO MORE FUCKIN RANGERS IN MULTICOLOURED LATEX!”

Why, just because Kamen Rider is Japanese? Not everything that comes out of Japan is great you know. Get a clue. They both suck. Same cheesy plot, crappy dialogue and even crappier effects.

Power Rangers is the only franchise with so many fucking figures and accessories that no collector dare try to collect them all

Power Rangers is the same shit, all of them. They all end up fighting the so-called ‘bad guys’ and then when they’re losing, they call on this awesome power, and somehow win the fight. Woohoo. I was into that as a kid, but now… no more.

I started reading from the beginning tonight and I’ve noticed that all of the characters have numbers for ear shapes. This kid is 5. I’ve also seen 2-9 so far.

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