727 One More Time.

Whenever the weather gets snowy my net service gets slow. I don’t know why for sure. Seems to me like the cold should make everything superconductive and faster than ever, but that is not the science, I guess. Even now I wonder if this page will take once I click schedule…

I got some more The Real Ghostbusters DVD sets for Christmas and have been slowly watching them. With a lot of shows from when you are a kid they don’t hold up so well. Transformers, for me, is much better in my memory that it is when I rewatch it. Gen 1 early seasons more so than later on, but still… Ghostbusters, however, is still pretty fantastic. It wasn’t really dumbed down for kids. A lot of the shows deal with relatively deep concepts. I’m not saying they’re beyond criticism, but they hold up very well.

The voice acting is also fantastic, which helps. Maurice LaMarche (Kiff from Futurama) as Egon stands out particularly, but the whole cast, even after the later casting changes, is great. Frank Welker, best known to me as G1 Megatron, is Ray & Slimer. Early on Arsinio Hall is Winston. Anyway, they all do a fine job of acting, which helps sell the humor, which is often sarcastic. So it wouldn’t work very well if they didn’t sell it vocally.

The long and short of it is that at least one thing from my childhood is still awesome AS IT WAS and not just in my memory.


I remember way back when you were talking about how your internet always gets slow when it’s cold. Last time you assumed it was because a lot of people were at home using the internet, making it slower for you.

Honestly, I still have no idea why that happens, or how the internet works.

It’s good to know that someone is reading the junk under the comics too. XD

Not to be insulting or anything, but I usually try to avoid that stuff underneath.
It ain’t the content so much as some weird interaction between the page layout and the old browser we have at work (a particularly crappy version of IE)… which means there is only so much white space on the page before it hits dark blue background…. then I’m trying to read dark grey on dark blue, which ain’t fun.
So on pages where your commentary takes up more than the entirety of the white space, I usually don’t bother adding anything since trying to read all that dark-on-dark is more trouble than it is worth.

I don’t even remember when it was like that. It isn’t like that now.

Past-Me lives in a strange and alien world.
I still don’t pay much attention to author-comments though. I’m here for webcomic.

1) Micronaut. Nothing more need be said, it’s awesome enough in it’s own right.
2) I think 42uck is right; in your neighborhood must be using up the Internet faster than your provider can make it. :P

Downed lines and power outages can also affect service. i.e. Less lanes open means more traffic.
Also, fiber-optics are temperature independent, and in wide use for major infrastructure.

Sorry to say, but the interwebz doesn’t like to travel when there’s snow on the ground, hence why it runs slow when it’s cold outside. :)

Seriously, though, could very well be downed lines and they’re having to fall back on older infrastructure to get internet signal out to you. The ISP I work for has been having that problem in the Midwest and the East Coast during this most recent snowpocalypse. Ice freezes on overhead lines, weighs them down, makes them brittle, and they break. Self-Healing network re-reroutes around the break through slower connections, bada bing bada boom, you gotcher internet workin’ again. :)

And you’re right about The Real Ghostbusters being a little higher on the intelligence scale…They actually covered some pretty spot on paranormal research. I remember an episode where they went to New Orleans and met up with a Mambo, or voodoo priestess. Pretty good stuff! (And for the record, Lorenzo Music voicing Peter Venkman was my favorite).

Concerning The Real Ghostbusters – I completely agree. J. Michael Strazinski (spelling) wrote a ton of those – he was the guy behind Babylon 5, and a handful of other scifi series. One of my favorite eps when I was a kid was Ms. Robinson’s neighborhood. Really smart stuff considering it was made for a Saturday Morning crowd, and on the cheap on top of that.

Not defending Reggie, but I have to disagree with Ed in the last panel. Not only does there need to be a “greatest hits” for insults, but it already exists. The book is called “Distory,” and it is a must-read.

Winston Churchill pretty much has his own chapter.

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