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It kind of looks like Wes is on Reggie’s team, with the insult backing it up, but I don’t think Wes would be above fleeing that ship if it started going down.

Wed is the worst kind of douchebag. He disgusts me. At least Reggie is open with his hostility.

He probably doesn’t even like kittens.

Seems Wes knows how to play for many teams…
But for how long?
Not only that, but he knows the buttons to push. Interesting..

Wes is a Rat.
Worse than that hes a Flea on a Rat.
Worse than that hes an Amoeba on a Flea on a Rat.

hes an amoeba on the flea
on the rat by the frog
on the log in the hole
in the bottom of the sea…

sorry, couldn’t help myself
for some reason rofl

It takes skill to remember that song.

I never get past the

“flea on the hair on the wart on the frog on the bump on the log in hole in the bottoms of the sea!”

Of course, maybe that’s because I like to say the whole thing in the same amount of time as the first line.

I love this comic, so clever and funny and yet so relatable and relevent to my own life. … You know, I just realized that I have a lot of co-workers like Wes, only not as subtle, more vicious, and far less clever. Same methods though, in the broad strategic sense.
People like Wes cannot be trusted, as in the end, whether they fully realize it or not, they just want to see the world burn.

Regardless of which kind of douchebag Wes will be, he is a douche none the less and i dislike him all the same.
all that will change is wether i hate him a lot or hate him a LOT

*laughs* This is his first day, I think he is attempting to piss off only one person today and since he is going to be trained by Reggie it seems at least ordinary to go along with a joke since he will be seeing him almost all the time.

Also saying people who want the world to burn can not be trusted depends on your point of view. because at the very least, you can trust on their desire to burn. also, if you are their friend, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will screw you just because of their desire. Of course, friendship is a long road with them, fraught with games of loyalty, reliability, and to see if you can put up with their shit, among others. You wouldn’t even have to have the same mind set as said “burner”. That isn’t the way friendship works.

Anyway. I look forward to the Character’s weeks together, their weeks not ours.

I don’t know if you read these, but I found someone on DeviantArt uploading all of your pages and claiming they were their art. I reported that person, and included a link back to the homepage here, as far as I know they were banned from the website. I do not know if that was you or what, but I thought I should give a heads up that your art was being stolen.

I like watching this pair of bastards. It’s fun to see how their strategies differ, dickish douche-bag vs smarmy douche-bag.

Wes is a shitty person, but an interesting character.

Am I the only one that felt a cold chill for Our Heroes at Wes’ last two lines?

Wes has just begun to play politics. He has just taken the dominant position with Reggie even though he’s the one calling Reggie “sir.” Wes is the enactor and Reggie is the reactor that Wes can manipulate. He may even have a few ideas about manipulating Ed through his temper.

Wes is indeed the Anti-Tom.

At least Reggie is a dick to your face. Look at Wes’s expression when Ed is leaving– he’s got an, “Oh, poor me. Is he really that bad?” look like he’s scared or worried about Reggie corrupting him or something. The moment Ed is no longer there, he flips it to being a dick again. That is worse by far than just being a dick outright.

Yeah, guile is not Reggie’s strong suit. He’s more of a ladies man. XD

It’s disconcerting to have him try and be so suave on my deviant comments. :) I keep waiting for his asshole side to pop back up… (<– highly addicted to roleplaying and likely to never forget her Valentine :) )

“Some guys are blinded by their own shortcomings.”

He said it in response to Reggie’s comment about Ed, but while staring at Reggie’s back with a look that said “And your shortcoming is that you’re stupid”.

Honestly I kinda like Wes so far. He seem’s a bit like a douche but he’s relatable and an interesting character. I kinda view him as one of those guys who is out for himself but tries to prevent himself from being anyone’s enemy. Also his comment about people being blinded by their shortcomings seems rather pointedly directed at Reggie.

Good job at humanizing both douches.
To be honest otherwise our dislike of them would feel kinda empty.

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