729 Pie.

You might well be wondering why Friday’s post seemed somehow incomplete.  I sat down to set up the post and then had to walk away.  When i got back I had no more internets.  It was like that for about a day.  So I just gave up on finishing the post.  Most everyone would have seen it by then anyway.

So anyway, I had a direct sequel to a nightmare that I had many nights before that.  Nightmares do not need sequels.  Luckily I have blanked out both of them at this point.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to.

It seems like the voting may have had some effect on my numbers, but it’s hard to tell.   If you want to keep voting every day feel free.  If not, no worries.  I appreciate it if you bothered to though.

I can’t for the life of me remember what I was going to say else, so I’m cutting myself off here.


Oh my…not the right frame of mind to have for meeting Mike.
I’ve been looking forward to a new batch of one-liners and put downs of the intellectual nature.

I wouldn’t be able to be a manager there then :p. The explanation actually related to your post as it’s from a dream of mine.

Apaprently, some people smell like pie and I feel the need to suck the pie filling out of them, but I can’t, cuz I’ve sworn off pie.

Ever since that dream I can’t eat pie without actually thinking that I shouldn’t be eating it! O_O

Going back to the comic, I hope the blond dude gets his intellectually beaten up. I dont think I like him (yet)

I’m kind of surprised that Reggie doesn’t realize that this is the store where they put the people they WANT to crash, burn, and stop eating all the doughnuts at the staff meetings.

Reggie Is Kind Of An Idiot

Seriously, he’s dumber than a bag of bricks. Don’t know why you’d make a bag of bricks but there it is.

If nightmares most definitely don’t need sequels, would you say that it would qualify as “Nightmare 2: Electric Chair Boogaloo”?

JT, I’m not sure if it matters to you or not, but somebody decided to sponsor your comic on WebcomicZ.com……Kinda cool right? :)

What’s this now? Who did what?

On the site webomicz.com, fans can pay to sponsor a comic(a pic will appear at the top of the site much like webcomics list), thus potentially adding to their site views. There are apparently three options: 1 month for 5 bucks, 3 months for 15, or 6 months for 30…..Remains to be seen how long you were sponsored for(webcomicz.com has only about 1,000 views a day according to Project Wonderful so, if it helps get you more fans, sweet)

I used to work with a guy who was a professional eater… he worked retail to pay the bills. Man, that guy would have been awesome, but a terrible manager – hilarious, great to get along with, actually very competent, but I don’t think he would have done well with the employee discipline – kind of like Mike, really!

I just realized that in almost 730 comics we haven’t seen one customer.

We’ve seen customers. We just haven’t seen customers in a long, long time.

Remember, there was that black chick? And there was that guy Thomas insulted? and uh that’s all I can remember

who doesnt love pie!!! pie in its many forms is one of the greatest things ever made. also pie plus gravy equal pot pies adn those are awesome!!
also what with the persvous page and this one its really easy to see that Reg and Wes are not very intelectual as they think Ed was making up words

It was a shame you did not hold off this comic for another month. Would have been great to post it on March 14th, pie day (3.14). As a math geek, it is one of my favorite holidays…shame my boss does not see it as a valid holiday it sure is a long time from New Years till Memorial day.

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